Bulk Straight Hair Ombre Color BS3

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Hair origin High-quality raw Vietnamese hair
Lengths 8-38 inches available
Textures Bone straight
Colors Black, blonde, burgundy, ombre, orange, pink, green,...
Weight 100 gram/1 bundle
Life-span Up to 5 years
Closure and frontal size 2x4, 2x6, 4x4, 3x8, 5x5, 6x6, 13x4, 13x6
Payment Through agent, Western Union, Visa/MasterCard, Bank Transfer, Onepay, MoneyGram, RIA/Remitly
Shipment Through agent, FedEx, DHL and UPS
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1. Overview about bulk straight hair ombre color BS3

Let’s learn about the Vietnamese bulk straight hair ombre color that is very popular in the market in recent years

1.1. What is Vietnamese bulk straight hair ombre color BS3

Bulk straight hair ombre color is a way of coloring that goes from one color or shade to the next.
In traditional ombre styles, the ends are lighter than the rest of the hair. This method, on the other hand, blends two colors together all over your head. There is no bleaching, so each strand stays healthy and can still be styled in a way that makes it stand out.


It’s a cheap way for women who like creative hairstyles but can’t afford salon prices to get them. It’s popular in Southeast Asia.

1.2. Features of Vietnamese bulk straight hair ombre color BS3

People who want to change their look often choose bulk straight hair ombre color BS3. Some of its outstanding features include:

  • Hair origin: 100% Vietnamese human hair
  • Lengths: 8 inches – 38 inches
  • Colors: You can choose the color according to your preference
  • Texture: Bulk straight hair ombre color BS3 has lighter ends and the same color at the roots as classic ombré coloring, but the natural-looking layers give it more volume. Vietnamese bulk straight hair ombre color stands out because the hair is very smooth and doesn’t have any flyaways or tangles. It’s also made with 100% human hair, which lasts much longer than synthetic hair.
  • Lifespan: About 3 – 5 years

Ombre Blonde Bulk Hair From Vin Hair Factory

2. Benefits of using Vietnamese bulk straight hair ombre color BS3

The majority of bulk straight hair ombre color has benefits that are different from traditional dyed hair in many ways:

  • More quickly and for less money when buying bulk straight hair ombre color of Vin Hair Factory
  • Doesn’t have any harsh lines or patches where one color meets another. This makes bulk straight hair ombre color BS3 beautiful, natural results that will make everyone you see compliment you.
  • This method lasts longer than most of the common ways that stylists do things today.
  • When you use high-quality products and apply them carefully, the bright colors will last much longer after each using session, so the money you spend will be worth it in the end.

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3. How to get the best results for Vietnamese bulk straight hair ombre color BS3

Here are some tips to get the best results for bulk straight hair ombre color:

  • Before you color your hair, give it a deep conditioning treatment to protect it from dyes and chemicals.
  • Have a full stock of products on hand in case you need to replenish in the process. The amount you need depends on the thickness or length of your hair
  • Invest in a good quality brush made for styling colored hairstyles like bulk straight hair ombre color BS3. This will give you better control over touch-ups and combing throughs than regular brushes do.
  • Be careful when applying an ombre color that contains bleach, as leaving it on for too long or not applying it could unanimously lead to patchiness and an unsatisfactory result. If you want professional bulk straight hair ombre color, talk to experienced stylists. Otherwise closely follow the instructions when bleaching at home. Wearing gloves and doing strand tests before the full application helps figure out how much time needs to pass between two sessions, which increases the chances of getting good results.
  • After a chemical change, you should wait 48 hours before washing your head. Waiting gives the hair’s new chemistry enough time to settle so that it doesn’t get messed up by washing it too soon, which can cause problems again later.

Source: Vin Hair Factory – The Best Hair Supplier in Vietnam


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