Bulk Straight Hair 613 Color BS2

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Hair origin High-quality raw Vietnamese hair
Lengths 8-38 inches available
Textures Natural straight
Colors Blonde color 613
Weight 100 gram/1 bundle
Life-span Up to 5 years
Closure and frontal size 2x4, 2x6, 4x4, 3x8, 5x5, 6x6, 13x4, 13x6
Payment Through agent, Western Union, Visa/MasterCard, Bank Transfer, Onepay, MoneyGram, RIA/Remitly
Shipment Through agent, FedEx, DHL and UPS
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1. Overview of Vietnamese Human Hair Bulk Straight Hair 613 Color BS2

Let’s find you some information about Vietnamese Human Hair Bulk Straight Hair 613 Color below.

1.1. What is Vietnamese Human Hair Bulk Straight Hair 613 Color BS2

Vietnamese Human Hair Bulk Straight Hair 613 Color BS2 is a popular hair extension known for its lightweight, high-quality body and maximum styling flexibility.

The hair is taken from Vietnamese people, then dyed into 613 color and then bundled into bundles.


Bulk straight hair 613 color

1.2. Features of Vietnamese Human Hair Bulk Straight Hair 613 Color BS2

Vietnamese Human Hair Bulk Straight Hair 613 Color features a luxurious, soft texture and a beautiful natural sheen.

  • It’s known for its high quality and versatility – it can be dyed or bleached with ease.
  • Plus, its long-lasting quality makes it one of the most sought-after products on the market today – you won’t have to replace it every few months like other lower-in-quality options.
  • This popular style has an incredibly positive reputation when it comes to styling capabilities thanks to its thick strands which make them easy to work with your regular styling tools such as curling irons, blow dryers, and flat irons without fear of losing original softness and shine.

Vietnamese Human Hair Bulk Straight Hair

  • In addition, heat resistance up to 500F allows you to achieve incredible looks without worry about damaging your product by using too much heat!
  • Vietnamese human hair Bulk Straight Hair 613 Color BS2 stand out from among many others products from other countries because they are made 100% human Remy Hair – meaning all cuticles remain intact throughout manufacturing which also ensures that no tangling problems arise over time, allowing more longevity than synthetic alternatives!

  • Furthermore, each piece is carefully sourced from healthy donors, thereby guaranteeing higher volumes across full length single bundles resulting in greater value for money compared to those employing multiple bundles during the construction process – not forgetting the absence of any chemical treatment whatsoever prior to being shipped to customers’ homes!

Vin Hair Factory supplies numerous choices of colors

2. Benefits of Vietnamese Human Hair Bulk Straight Hair 613 Color BS2

Bulk straight hair 613 color offers many benefits, including a beautiful blonde hue that adds a sunny glow to any look.

It also has depth and dimension for an eye-catching effect when styled in curls or waves.

This shade is versatile too; you can dress it up with accessories or keep it natural for everyday wear.

Plus, its longevity means fewer touchups over time and less money spent maintaining your style from start to finish.

These bundles are 100% natural Vietnamese hair, so there’s no need for extra products like hairspray – the strands will hold their shape naturally once installed properly on head without hassle.

Furthermore, these soft tangle free bundles remain shiny due to absence of chemical/acidic treatments during production process which results in quality colored realistic looking extensions.

Taking care at home doesn’t require much effort either – just regular deep conditioning sessions keeping them moisturised along with washing twice per month helps maintain sleekness coupled with sheen!

Overall, bulk straight hair 613 color BS2 provides superior value thanks to being quality sourced 100 % virgin human extension making them ideal choice helping achieve versatile range stylish fashionable trendy haircuts under reasonable price tag budget conscious fashionistas would appreciate!

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3. How to maintain our Vietnamese Human Hair Bulk Straight Hair 613 Color BS2

Maintain Vietnamese Human Hair Bulk Straight Hair 613 Color BS2 with these tips:

  • Use natural ingredients like coconut oil or aloe vera when washing and styling.
  • Never brush it while wet.
  • Use a wide tooth comb designed for coarse texture.
  • Deep condition after every wash session to lock in moisture and reduce flyaways caused by heated tools.
  • Air drying is healthier, as cold air won’t damage the tresses.

With these simple precautions, you can keep your hair looking its best!


4 thoughts on “Bulk Straight Hair 613 Color BS2

  1. Wendy Reply

    how long does it last?

    June 3, 2023
    1. Vin Hair Factory Reply

      I lasts for up to 5 years, dear. You can follow our haircare tips to keep your hair silky and smooth for a very long time.

      June 9, 2023
  2. Mathieu Reply

    Do you guys accept paying by bitcoin?

    June 3, 2023
    1. Vin Hair Factory Reply

      Kindly chat with us via Hotline Whatsapp Vin Hair Factory to get more detail, thanks a lot.

      June 16, 2023

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