Outstanding features of Vietnamese hair and top 5 places to buy it

Vietnamese hair is considered one of the best hair types around the world because it is of superior quality and durability. And if you are looking for reliable places to buy Vietnamese human hair, this blog will give the top 5 best suppliers of Vietnam human hair.

Top 5 best places to buy high-quality Vietnamese hair

If you are interested in Vietnamese human hair and looking for the best places to buy high-quality hair, we’ve compiled a list of the best hair suppliers in Vietnam from which you can buy premium human hair Vietnam.

Vin Hair Vendor – Top 1 best place to buy high-quality Vietnamese hair

Vin Hair Vendor is considered among the best Vietnam human hair suppliers with more than 10 years of experience in the world hair market. The majority of customers are satisfied with the superior hair quality and great service offered by this hair vendor.

  • Pricing: their price is really reasonable. A bundle of 100g 8 inches hair weft straight – natural color costs from $8
  • Policy: exchanges and returns are accepted.

If you are looking for high-quality Vietnamese hair, Vin Hair Vendor will not let you down.

Hair products from Vin Hair

Vin Hair supply high-quality raw Vietnamese hair

AZ Hair – top 2 greatest Vietnamese hair suppliers.

AZ Hair is also a very well-know hair vendor in Vietnam that attracts the attention of numerous customers in the world hair market. With over 15 years of expertise in the international hair industry, AZ Hair is regarded as one of Vietnam’s top hair suppliers.

  • As other Vietnamese hair suppliers, their primary goods include Vietnamese hair bulk, weft, closure & frontal. Their hair wefts are renowned for their exceptional quality.
  • The price is quite high, approximately $11.8 per bundle of 100g 8″ natural straight hair
  • Policy: exchanges and returns are accepted within three days of receipt, subject to certain conditions.

Customers laud Az hair, one of the leading Vietnam human hair suppliers, for its exceptional quality and service.

Mic Hair – top 3 best places to buy premium Vietnamese hair

Mic Hair is considered among the best Vietnam human hair suppliers.


Vin Hair supplier ensures the quality of your hair orders

  • Mic Hair mostly sells hair weft and bulk hair in a range of colors and lengths. Customers pay particular attention to the weft hair offered by Mic Hair.
  • The price for 100 grams of bulk hair is approximately $7.7, whereas other varieties begin at $12.90 for 100 grams.
  • Policy: Mic Hair accepts exchanges and returns within 30 days of receipt under specific conditions.

Mic Hair receives favorable reviews from worldwide clients. The majority of customers are satisfied with their hair and consider their costs to be reasonable given their quality.

Hair extensions from Vin Hair factory

Raw hair Vietnamese from Vin Hair factory

5S Hair – top 4 best places to buy Vietnamese hair of high quality

5S Hair is among the greatest Vietnamese human hair provider to meet your needs if you are looking for hair products of exceptional quality.

  • They supply many types of hair products excluding wigs and their best seller is hair weft.
  • Price: really competitive. Beginning as $8.8 for a bundle of 100g 8″ hair weft.
  • Policy: exchanges and returns are accepted under certain conditions if requests are made within two days after product receipt.
  • 5S Hair frequently receives great customer ratings regarding their service and quality except for long shipping time.

5S Hair is also an ideal place to buy Vietnamese hair if you are not in need of items in a hurry.

MCSARA – top leading Vietnamese hair suppliers

MCSARA was established more than 15 years ago and is among the earliest and most reputable suppliers of human hair Vietnam, supplying high-quality hair at affordable pricing.


Due to high quality, hair extensions gan dyed in many colors

  • Their primary offerings consist of hair weft, clip-ins, tape-ins, tip-ins, and hair wigs. MCSARA is among the most reputable hair suppliers in Vietnam, offering exquisite wigs.
  • Prices are fairly inexpensive, beginning at $9.8 per bundle of 100g 8″ straight hair weft.
  • Policy: exchanges and returns are accepted under specific conditions.

MCSARA, the leading hair supplier in Vietnam, offers hair products to clients worldwide. However, their ineffective overseas shipping results in lengthy delivery periods.

K-Hair – top 6 most trustworthy places to buy Vietnamese hair

K-hair is among the most reputable and well-known Vietnam human hair suppliers that have participated in the worldwide hair industry for many years.


Natural straight hair from Vin Hair vendor

  • The primary goods consist of weft hair and raw hair in numerous choices of textures and colors.
  • Price is a bit more expensive, beginning at $11.4 for a bundle of 100g 6″ straight hair.

This Vietnamese hair merchant has outstanding hair quality, however, their hair products have a strong, unpleasant odor.

Origin and characteristics of Vietnamese hair


If you are wondering “Is Vietnamese hair good?”, this part will answer. Vietnamese human hair originates from clear and high-quality hair sources so it is of high quality, shown by outstanding characteristics like thickness, smoothness, shine, and durability.

Origin of Vietnamese hair

Vietnamese hair is sourced from Vietnamese women living in mountainous regions and rural areas in the North of Vietnam. These women are mainly between 18-35 years old. They live a healthy lifestyle, consume healthy foods, care for their hair with natural herbs and keep their hair away from chemicals.


Vietnamese hair is sourced directly from Vietnamese women who grow long and healthy hair

Characteristics that make Vietnamese hair so popular in the world market

Is Vietnamese hair good? Vietnam human hair is considered by hair wholesalers around the world as one of the best hair types in the world due to its outstanding characteristics like smooth, thick, silky, shine, long and durable:

  • Human hair Vietnam is naturally thick and black due to the natural Vietnamese human characteristics. Additionally, the Vietnamese people’s hair becomes thicker and darker as a result of hair care routine with herbs and without chemicals.
  • Vietnamese hair is supple and silky: Vietnamese women have extremely soft and silky hair due to the mild climate in Vietnam and the natural herbal hair maintenance of people here. It is softer and smoother to the touch than any other type of hair in the world, yet it retains its bounce.


  • Vietnamese human hair is resilient and long-lasting: This is the most outstanding feature that makes Vietnam human hair superior to other hair types all over the world. The hair is shedding-free and tangle-free. In contrast to Indian and Chinese hair products, which tend to tangle, shed and lose their style over a short period of time, properly maintained Vietnam hair products can last up to 15 years.
  • Additionally, Vietnamese hair is good at styling. It is quite simple to create a variety of fashionable hairstyles with human hair Vietnam and to dye it any color, particularly light colors like 61, and 613. Vietnamese human hair is resilient even when it is styled with chemicals or heat, so long as it is maintained properly.
  • Vietnamese human hair is highly coveted for its remarkable length. Only in Vietnamese hair factories can customers find hair products up to 36 inches in length, which is uncommon elsewhere.

Thick, smooth, shiny and healthy Vietnam human hair is the dream of many young women all over the world. Human hair from Vietnam is indisputably the finest hair in Asia and one of the best types of hair in the world, given all of its outstanding attributes.

Classification of Vietnamese hair

Vietnam human hair is of high quality but it also has many varieties. Each type has different characteristics and qualities. Virgin hair, Remy hair, and non-Remy hair are the three types of Vietnamese hair in the hair market divided by the number of donors.


Virgin Vietnamese hair

Virgin hair Vietnam is considered Vietnam human hair of good quality. It still retains the characteristics of Vietnamese human hair like shiny, smooth, and durable.

  • Vietnamese virgin hair is hair sourced from a single donor which has a high similarity among the hair strands in terms of appearance and quality, so it is really good at bleaching and dyeing.
  • Virgin Vietnamese hair has not been exposed to chemicals so the cuticles remain intact and aligned, and the hair is shedding-free and tangle-free.


  • Due to virgin hair being taken from a single donor, it has a limited supply so its price is higher than other types of Vietnam human hair.
  • Virgin hair can have been treated with steam, and heat but not chemicals so hair is still durable but the lifespan is not as long as hair that has not been treated with chemicals. It can last up to 2 years.

Virgin Vietnamese hair is suitable for those who need hair for bleaching and dyeing purposes and belongs to the high-end segment in the hair market.


Virgin Vietnamese hair is shiny, smooth and durable

Remy Vietnamese hair

Remy hair Vietnam is hair taken from 2-3 donors who have the same hair qualities with intact and aligned cuticles.

  • Vietnamese remy hair is hair taken from 2-3 donors so the textural uniformity of hair components is not as good as that of virgin hair. However, owing to contemporary procedures and skilled workers, the quality of Vietnamese remy hair is still assured.
  • Remy Vietnamese hair is hair from 2-3 people with high similarity in quality, so it is durable, keeps its softness, also has a good lifespan, but has a very reasonable price, so it can be used to make a variety of products. It is often used in high-end treatments, highlights, and real hair with a scalp.

Vietnamese Remy hair is used to make good quality hair extensions and is a popular choice among consumers all over the world because of its high quality at reasonable prices.

Non-remy Vietnamese hair

Non-Remy Vietnamese human hair is gathered from many donors, in which the cuticles are damaged. Non-Remy hair has lower quality than the above 2 types of Vietnamese hair.

  • Non-Remy hair is sourced from a variety of hair donors and textures so the quality is not consistent and not good.
  • Non-Remy hair is prone to tangling and shedding so the lifespan is short and has a cheap price. But now with technology and high skill, non-Remy Vietnamese human hair still meets the needs of many customers who only need a short use and want a low price.

Vin Hair vendor supply hair with high-quality

Non-remy Vietnamese hair is used to make hair extensions for low-end customer segments who want to experience it in a short time and have a tight budget. However today there is a small number of hair factories supplying this hair type due to its low quality.

Pricing of Vietnamese hair

The price of Vietnamese human hair is not as cheap as Indian hair or Chinese hair, but you need to know that quality goes hand in hand with price. Vietnam hair prices are very reasonable and the quality is worth your investment. At the same price, Vietnam human hair is always better quality than many other hair types in the world.

Below is the average price of some products of Vietnamese hair in the hair market so that you can have a comprehensive view:

  • Vietnamese human hair weft costs from $8 for a bundle of naturally straight hair 8 inches.
  • A closure/frontal of 2×4 straight hair – natural color – 8 inches costs from $15
  • Hair wigs cost from $50 per wig of natural color – straight hair – 8 inches

Hair extensions from Vin Hair vendor

The costs listed above are merely prices for certain varieties. A product’s pricing may vary based on the following factors:

  • Source of raw materials: virgin hair which has limited supply will be more expensive than raw hair or remy hair with abundant supply.
  • Grade of Vietnamese hair: There are numerous factors that influence the price of human hair Vietnam, but the grade is the most significant. Vietnam human hair is divided into 3 grades: single, double and super double drawn. Single Drawn is the least expensive and thinnest variety. Double-drawn is more costly but more substantial than single drawn. Super double drawn is the most expensive and thickest option.

  • Lengths: The longer the length of the hair, the higher the price. 40″ Vietnam human hair products are available for purchase but will be expensive.
  • Types: Vietnamese human hair prices vary per style. Weft hair is less expensive than clip-in and tape-in extensions.
  • Patterns: When discussing the factors that determine the price of Vietnamese hair, patterns and textures cannot be overlooked. Curly and wavy hair costs more than straight hair in Vietnam, adding about $5 to the price of straight hair to make a wavy and curly hair bundle.

With the foregoing information, we hope you have a more comprehensive understanding of human hair Vietnam and its pricing.


Deep wave from Vin Hair vendor

Some popular Vietnamese hair products in the world market

Vietnamese human hair products have long attracted significant interest in the international hair market due to their high quality and affordable price. Raw hair, dyed hair, and weft hair are the most sought-after items.

Raw hair – Top 1 popular Vietnamese hair products

Raw Vietnamese hair hasn’t undergone any steam, heat, or chemical treatments, therefore it still retains its original properties.


Vietnamese raw hair

  • Vietnamese raw hair can be created into any style and maintain the curls for a very long time because it is naturally straight, dark, velvety, and smooth. Because Vietnamese hair is so resilient, it may be bleached and dyed to any shade, including 613 colors. With proper maintenance, customers can use Raw Vietnam human hair can for about 5 years.
  • Many of the greatest hair markets in the world, including African, European, and American markets, are huge consumers of raw Vietnamese human hair. The best markets for it are in Europe and the US, where hair factories with cutting-edge machinery can transform raw Vietnamese hair into lovely hair products.
  • A 100g 8-inch bundle of Vietnamese raw hair with natural color costs, on average, around $7.

Raw Vietnamese human hair is one of the top options if you’re seeking the purest, unprocessed hair on the market.

Hair weft – another popular product of Vietnamese hair

Hair weft is another popular Vietnamese human hair product that is so sought after in the international hair market.

  • Washing the hair, styling with steam or heat, and sewing to keep the cuticles in place are the three basic procedures in the production of high-quality Vietnamese hair weft using raw Vietnamese human hair. Also, the product is durable and extremely solid, and the hair doesn’t come out quickly because it was created by trained and experienced personnel.

High-quality of hair extensions

  • African hair sellers especially adore this product since they lack the skilled labor and manufacturing methods necessary to produce hair wefts of this caliber. Instead of purchasing more expensive hair wigs, African clients typically purchase hair weft bundles with a frontal or closure.
  • Vietnamese human hair weft typically costs around $8 per 100g bundle of straight, natural-colored hair 8 inches.

The Vietnamese hair weft is highly sought after due to its affordability and convenience. Customers frequently purchase some hair weft bundles combined with closures or frontals to have gorgeous hair.

Besides Vietnamese raw hair and hair weft products, high-quality Vietnamese hair wigs are also the most sought after products in the hair market but not many hair factories in Vietnam selling Vietnamese hair wigs.

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