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The best wholesale hair factories in the world are mainly located in China, Southeast Asia and India. Hair factory wholesale in each place has distinguished characteristics. Keep reading for more information about hair factory wholesale in these places and top the best ones.

Some things you need to know about wholesale hair factory

There are two categories of hair wholesalers in the market: wholesale hair factories and commercial companies.


List hair orders from Vin Hair Wholesales

Wholesale hair factories have their own facility with laborers, equipment, and machinery to manufacture hair, whereas commercial companies do not. Wholesale hair factory directly produces hair and distribute it to resellers and customers all around the world with no involvement of middlemen. Therefore, buying from wholesale hair manufacturers results in more consistent quality and better pricing.

However, the main function of the hair factory wholesale is manufacturing so they do not pay much attention to improving customer service so their customer service is not as professional as commercial companies.

Top best wholesale hair factory worldwide

While searching for wholesale hair factory, you must take a number of aspects into consideration. To achieve a balance between profit and revenue, quality must come first, followed by pricing. Below are some consumer-recommended wholesale hair factories that are known for providing high-quality and affordable hair.

Vin Hair Factory – top 1 best wholesale hair factory in Vietnam


Vin Hair Factory – top 1 best wholesale hair factory in Vietnam

If you’re a discerning client who has not yet located a perfect wholesale hair factory as your long-term hair supplier, Vin Hair Factory can be the best choice. Vin Hair is one of the largest and leading Vietnamese wholesale hair manufacturers.

We have the facility to produce hair products on our own so we can guarantee large quantities, consistent high-quality hair, and the best wholesale factory pricing.


High-quality raw Vietnamese hair from Vin Hair wholesale

Vin Hair Factory is the best raw hair factory supplying numerous choices of raw hair products for you to choose from, from straight to wavy textures, from dark to light colors, from 8 inches to 38 inches.

Contact VIN HAIR FACTORY to get the best deal:
Whatsapp: +84904895622 (Ms. Gift)

We have numerous customers from all over the world. With a professional sales team, Vin Hair Factory is confident to support all customers the best.

Lyn Hair – top 2 most dependable wholesale hair factory in Vietnam

If you are seeking a reputable Vietnamese wholesale hair factory that meets your quality standards, Lyn Hair is among your finest options. Lyn Hair has over 30 years of experience in the world hair market, and they have used this experience to develop their production process so that they can give exceptional hair at competitive pricing.


Deep wave from Vin Hair wholesale

  • Principal items include weft hair, bulk hair, hair extensions, except for wigs.
  • Price: reasonable price, from $90 for 1kg straight hair 8 inches.
  • Policy: they accept exchanges and returns.

Lyn Hair is one of the best Vietnamese wholesale hair factories for those who are new to the hair industry due to its great quality and affordable prices.

Ted Hair – the leading wholesale hair factory in China

Since its founding 15 years ago, Ted Hair has become the leader in the Chinese hair industry as well as the world hair industry.

  • Ted Hair supplies numerous choices of hair weft, hair extensions, closures, frontal and wigs. Their wigs are renowned all over the world for numerous choices of beautiful designs.
  • Price: When compared to another Chinese wholesale hair factory, Ted Hair’s products are the most expensive.

Ted Hair, a hair factory wholesale with a huge, modern facility in Guangzhou, supplies a substantial number of hair to the world hair market. Ted Hair is the place to go if you need to purchase bulk hair in a hurry and in large quantities.


With hair products from Vin Hair, you can choose hair in different color and hairstyles

SGI Hair – top 1 most reputable wholesale hair factory in India

SGI Hair is among the most renowned Indian wholesale hair factories, entered the hair industry in 2008 and has since established a strong reputation for exceptional quality.

  • Principal hair products: hair weft from temple hair
  • Price: Although SGI’s wholesale price is more expensive than that of another wholesale hair factory in India, it is still among the lowest in the world.

SGI Hair can be your wholesale hair manufacturer of choice if you value low pricing and are not very concerned with quality.

The 3 places where you can find the greatest wholesale hair factory

There are numerous wholesale hair factories worldwide, but the best and biggest ones can be found in the 3 main places: Vietnam, China, and India.

Vietnam – wholesale hair factory in Southeast Asia supplies high-quality hair

Wholesale hair factories in Vietnam have long been regarded as the world’s finest. Vietnamese wholesale hair factories are renowned for their superior quality hair, as well as their affordable price. Their hair is in high demand in the global hair market.

  • Origin of hair: Wholesale Vietnamese hair factories mainly supply hair of clear origin which is sourced directly from donors living in rural areas. Thanks to abundant raw hair supplies, hair factory wholesale in Vietnam guarantees to supply 100% human hair with no mixed synthetic or blended hair.
  • Hair quality: Because raw hair materials are acquired directly from Vietnamese women and with no chemical treatment, the hair offered by wholesale hair factory inherits all the outstanding qualities of Vietnamese hair. The hair is shiny, soft, silky and resilient. Because it has not been exposed to chemicals, the hair cuticles are still strong so the users can create any hairstyle or color any tone they like. Properly cared-for products from hair factory wholesale in Vietnam can be used for up to five years.

Vietnamese hair is know for durability and versatility

  • Production scale: Although the Vietnamese wholesale hair factories mainly operate on household scale of about 40-50 employees, they also pay attention to investing in modern machinery and equipment to ensure the quality of hair produced. Besides the production stages by machines, some stages requiring meticulous and careful work will be done manually by artisans with long experience in the hair industry.

Bone straight hair from Vin Hair wholesale vendor

  • Pricing: The price supplied by the Vietnamese wholesale hair factory is considered the most reasonable pricing in the hair market because of the high-quality hair received. At the same pricing, the quality of hair supplied by Vietnam wholesale hair manufacturers is higher than that of other hair wholesalers. The wholesale price begins at $80 for 1kg of straight hair weft.

Thanks to their great quality and affordable costs, Vietnamese wholesale hair factories win the hearts of customers all around the world.

China – wholesale hair factory in China is the biggest in the world

Around 30 percent of the hair supplied to the world market comes from Chinese hair factory wholesale. Chinese wholesale hair factories are renowned for supplying large quantities of hair at reasonable prices.
China is where the world’s biggest and most advanced wholesale hair factory is located. Yet, the hair origin and quality supplied by these wholesale hair factories is a contentious topic.

  • Hair origin: Chinese wholesale hair factories supply hair of mixed origin and some sell mixed synthetic hair. Because of the improvement in living standards, people in China no longer sell hair as much as before, along with increased production demand, the domestic supply of raw hair does not meet production needs. Then wholesale hair manufacturers in China must import hair materials from other nations such as India, and Malaysia,…
  • Hair quality: Wholesale hair factory in China offers hair of inconsistent and unstable quality due to the numerous sources of hair materials. There are good quality products but there are also bad quality products. Moreover, many wholesale hair factories here often use chemicals to produce hair, resulting in the hair may be beautiful at first but very easily tangled and broken after a short time of use.
  • Production scale: hair factory wholesale in China mainly operates on a large scale (with 100-200 employees) and are equipped with the most advanced machines and equipment to meet the production output of hundreds of tons of hair per month. Thanks to advanced production lines, Chinese wholesale hair factories can provide a variety of designs. In particular, they are famous for supplying many choices of beautiful wigs.

Vin Hair provide hair with high quality

  • Price: The beginning wholesale price for 1kg hair weft offered by a Chinese wholesale hair factory is approximately $79, which is really competitive in the hair market. However, high-quality hair is really expensive.

A China wholesale hair manufacturer will satisfy your requirements if you are looking for large quantities, diversity, quick delivery and cheap price. But, if you need durability, they are not the best choices.

India – Where wholesale hair factory provides low-cost hair

Besides Vietnamese and Chinese wholesale hair factories, Indian wholesale hair factories are renowned in the international hair market.
Hair factory wholesale in India offers the cheapest hair in the hair market. However, the origin of hair is transparent and clear.


Vin Hair wholesales – Bouncy hair

  • Hair origin: Indian wholesale hair factory uses hair originating from two main sources: temple hair and hairballs. Temple hair is obtained from temples where Indian shave their hair. In contrast, hairballs refer to hair loss/hair trash that accumulates on the floors, hair salons, and sewers… This type of hair is imported in large quantities by wholesale hair factory in China and reprocessed multiple times to create remy hair.

  • Hair quality: varies depending on the hair origin. Temple hair is of quite good quality. This type has strong cuticles so it can be styled, dyed or bleached, but the hair is slightly curly, thin, and coarse by nature, so the manufacturers need to straighten it before stylingt. Hairballs are of inferior quality because their cuticles are not aligned and are damaged due to the collecting ad processing procedure.

Hair sample from Vin Hair Vendor

  • Production scale: Wholesale hair factories in India are mainly on small size with about 40-50 workers (mainly are women). Their processing technique is rudimentary with many stages done by hand.
  • Price: wholesale hair factory in India offers the cheapest price in the global hair market. A 6-inch bundle of Indian hair – non remy is only $5

The obvious advantage of buying hair from an Indian wholesale hair factory is their inexpensive prices. Wholesale hair manufacturers in India can be the greatest choice for resellers who prefer better pricing. For those who prefer superior quality, this might not be the greatest choice.

Tips for locating dependable wholesale hair factory

As the hair extension market continues to expand, so do the number and complexity of scammers. are the most crucial indicators of whether or not a wholesale hair producer can be trusted:

  • It is essential to distinguish between a factory and an intermediary. There are numerous hair factories, the majority of which are trading enterprises purporting to be producers. Choose a hair factory that specializes in production if you’re seeking a reasonable price and consistent quality. There is a simple way to distinguish between a commercial hair firm and a direct hair factory wholesale. A video chat can help. Reputable wholesale hair factories will gladly video call to display their facilities, personnel, and goods.
  • Use Google Maps to determine whether the wholesale hair manufacturer’s address is virtual or real.

You should check the quality before making an order

  • Examine attentively the website and their channels on social media of the wholesale hair factory. Information about the factory, goods, pricing, policy and contact should be found on these channels.
  • Prepare a list of questions to ask the representatives of the hair factory wholesale. Salespeople must have a thorough understanding of their product and the courage to address difficult inquiries.
  • Do a search for customer testimonials about the wholesale hair factory. Choose one with at least 80% positive reviews. Carefully review the warranty, refund, and payment policies. Avoid companies lacking client protection policies.

Follow the suggestions above to find the best hair factory wholesale as a supplier for your hair business.

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