Vietnamese curly hair and top the best places to buy this hair type

Vietnamese curly hair is well regarded as the best hair type in Asia thanks to its beautiful appearance and excellent quality. Keep reading for more information about this hair type including its quality, pricing and top the best places to buy high quality Vietnamese curly hair.

Top the most dependable places to purchase premium Vietnamese curly hair

To assist you in avoiding being scammed by untrustworthy hair suppliers and choosing the best one to buy high-quality hair, below are top recommendations for purchasing Vietnam curly hair of the highest quality and at the most affordable price.

Vin Hair Factory – Top 1 trustworthy place to purchase high-quality Vietnamese curly hair


Vin Hair factory is the best place for Vietnamese curly hair

Vin Hair Factory is recognized as the top 1 leading supplier of premium Vietnamese curly hair to the worldwide hair markets. Vin Hair Factory’s products are widely sought after by customers from all over the world.

  • Vin Hair Factory is among the most reputable Vietnamese hair vendors and has our own factory to manufacture hair directly with the principal items including weft hair, closure & frontal and hair extensions in numerous choices of colors, lengths, and textures.
  • Price range: We offer factory wholesale prices for all orders. The price for Vietnamese curly hair starts at $15 per 100g bundle.

Curly hair from Vin hair factory

  • Contact Ms. Gift – Sales Manager of Vin Hair Factory through Whatsapp +84904895622 for more information about hair products and to get the best discount.

Vin Hair Factory commits to be a trustworthy location supplying the best hair quality and most competitive price in the hair market.

5S Hair – a trustworthy supplier of Vietnamese curly hair

If you are seeking a reputable Vietnamese hair provider of Vietnamese curly hair, 5S Hair Factory is among your best choices.


Beautiful curly hair from Vin hair factory

  • Products: many types of products like bulk, weft hair but except for hair wigs.
  • Pricing ranges from $11.7 to $82.5 per 100g  bundle of tip twist curl (from 8 inches to 30 inches)
  • 5S Hair Factory accepts exchange and return.

Owing to their high-quality products and affordable pricing, 5S Hair Factory is an excellent option for newbies to the hair business and are looking for the best suppliers of Vietnamese curly hair.

Mic Hair – another trustworthy source of Vietnamese curly hair

Mic Hair, the preeminent source of premium Vietnamese curly hair items for over a decade, is the right business partner.

  • They primarily supply Vietnamese curly hair in numerous choices of colors as well as lengths.
  • The price range for a bundle of 100g weft hair  (10″ – 32″) is $22 – $77.5.
  • Refunds and exchanges are permitted.

With high-quality Vietnamese curly hair, Mic Hair Vietnam will certainly be an excellent partner for your hair business.

Jen Hair – a trustworthy supplier of Vietnamese curly hair 

Jen Hair has been among the earliest Vietnamese hair providers since 1995. You can buy Vietnamese curly hair from this company with confidence.

  • Products: various colors and styles of hair weft, frontal & closure, and bulk hair.
  • Price: reasonable pricing
  • Policy: exchange and return are accepted.

Curly hair with high quality from Vin Hair factory

K-Hair – a trustworthy source to purchase Vietnamese curly hair

K-Hair Factory is a hair provider whose inexpensive Vietnamese curly hair attracts numerous clients throughout the globe.

  • Products: hair weft, closures, and frontals in numerous curly textures.
  • Price: ranges from $12.4 to $688.8 for a bundle of 100g of deep twist curl hair (8 inches to 30 inches)
  • Return policy: all sales are final.

K-hair can be among the greatest options if you’re looking for affordable Vietnamese curly hair.

Vietnamese curly hair is so popular in the world hair market thanks to outstanding characteristics

Beside transparent origin, the exceptional qualities of Vietnamese curly hair make it stand out among numerous hair types in the hair market, which are its beautiful appearance, exceptional durability and affordable pricing.


Vietnamese curly hair is resilient and durable

Raw materials to make Vietnamese curly hair has a clear origin

Vietnam curly hair is created totally from human hair living primarily in rural areas in Vietnam. Here, Vietnamese women maintain the tradition of growing long hair, properly care for it and donate their healthy hair. When buying Vietnamese curly hair from a reputable Vietnamese hair vendor, there is no risk of buying mixed synthetic or mixed origin hair.

Vietnamese curly hair has a beautiful texture which is soft, thick, silky, and shiny

Thanks to the mild climate, natural characteristics and hair care practice of Vietnamese people, Vietnamese natural curly hair is soft, shiny, and silky by nature.

  • The raw materials for Vietnamese curly hair are Vietnamese hair that hasn’t been subjected to chemicals or heat or been exposed to direct sunshine. When venturing outdoors on a sunny day, you can observe Vietnamese women wearing head-to-toe sundresses.
  • Vietnamese women regularly use shampoos containing natural ingredients such as holy basil, locust, and skin pomelo to wash their hair. In addition, they do not consume unhealthy diets which can weaken their hair.

Thus, Vietnam curly hair retains all the thickness, smoothness, and tenderness of its Vietnamese hair.


Vietnamese curly hair has a beautiful texture

 Vietnamese curly hair is resilient and durable

Vietnam curly hair is resilient and durable, which is shown through its long life-span and versatility:

  • The healthy lifestyles of the Vietnamese people contribute to their healthy hair. Vietnamese curly hair retains its quality and can last up to 5 years with proper care.
  • Vietnamese curly hair is made of Vietnam remy hair that can be styled in numerous ways and retains its look for a long period. Regardless of being treated with heat or chemicals, Vietnamese curly hair still retains intact and aligned cuticles which helps prevent the hair from shedding and tangling.

Meanwhile, other hair types in the hair market are prone to shedding, tangling, and losing their style after being treated with heat or chemicals.

Vietnamese curly hair is so sought after because of its amazing length

Vietnam curly hair is in high demand for its exceptional length. It is due to the fact that numerous Vietnamese people grow hair long as a tradition and donate their long hair.

Vietnamese curly hair items with a length of up to 38″ are easy to buy from hair factories in Vietnam but difficult to locate in anywhere else in the world. As a result, many individuals seek out Vietnamese natural curly hair in an effort to conceal their thin and short hair.


The length of Vietnamese curly hair from Vin Hair factory

Vietnamese curly hair can be supplied in bulk

Due to an abundance of indigenous raw hair materials and trained labor, hair companies in Vietnam are capable of producing significant numbers of high-quality Vietnamese curly hair items.

This is also a factor making Vietnamese natural curly hair so popular among hair enthusiasts and business owners all over the world.


Bouncy curly hair from Vin Hair factory

Some popular types of Vietnamese curly hair

There are numerous choices of Vietnam curly hair regarding the textures but the most sought-after products are bouncy curly, pixie curly, and twist curly.
Of the numerous styles of Vietnamese curly hair, the 3rd in the most common styles is described below.

Bouncy curly – top 1 the most popular styles of Vietnamese curly hair

If you’re addicted to Vietnam curly hair, you had better experience bouncy curly hair at some point during your life. Bouncy curly provides a substantial hair volume with a beautiful appearance, which no other hairstyles can match.

In the Nigerian market, bouncy curly hair is highly in-demand. The heyday of bouncy curly was two years ago, and this type still enjoys a degree of appeal now.


Bouncy curly hair with high quality

Pixie Curly – top 2 most popular styles of Vietnamese curly hair

Pixie curly hair is considered the king of Vietnam Curly Hair products. Pixie curly is less tight than kinky curly and tight than bouncy curly. The use of Vietnamese curly hair pixie gives the hair full and buoyant appearance.

Pixie curly hair has been trendy, particularly in Africa all the time. Pixie curly has many benefits like easy maintenance, long lifespan, and becoming less stretched over time. Pixie curly hair has both attractiveness and affordability, thus they are highly valued by hair enthusiasts.


Pixie curly from Vin Hair Factory

Twist Curly – top 3 most popular styles of Vietnamese curly hair

The 3 most gorgeous curly hairstyles in Vietnam are twist curls. This curly hairstyle is preferred by mostly Africa and America customers. When used on your natural hair, they appear wonderfully bouncy and beautiful.
In several global marketplaces, twist curly appears rather peculiar and fashionable.
In addition to the top 3 Vietnamese curly hairstyles listed here, there are numerous other choices for you to choose from such as funmi curly, water curly, and kinky curly.


Funmi curly hair weft from Vin Hair factory

Some tips to determine Vietnamese curly hair’s quality

Despite the high quality of Vietnamese natural curly hair, there might be dishonest hair sellers selling inferior quality and not authentic Vietnamese hair. So knowledge about evaluating the quality of Vietnam curly hair is so necessary.

With the following guidelines, determining the Vietnamese curly hair’s quality is much easier.

  • Checking the smell: If the hair has a strong odor that persists after multiple times of washing, it has certainly been subjected to chemicals.
  • You can notice hair loss by gliding your fingertips lightly to strongly from top to down the hair strands.

  • Stroking the hair top to down also helps determine if the hair color evaporates quickly; if the hair color lingers on your hands, the dye is of poor quality and the color will disappear quickly. Yet, Vietnamese hair producers often don’t produce colorful Vietnamese curly hair items due to the fact that coloring might weaken the cuticles of the hair.
  • Examine texture – Vietnam curly hair of high quality has a silky and smooth texture that’s easy to brush without shedding or tangling.
Funmi-Curly-Hair-Weft- CW7

Contact to Vin Hair factory for high quality of Vietnamese curly hair

Please notice that although listed in the same length, curly, wavy and straight hair types will really have various lengths. A bundle of Vietnamese curly hair 12 inches, for instance, is shorter than a natural wavy hair bundle of 10 inches and straight hair bundle of 12 inches. 12 inches is the actual length of hair before being curled.

Some tips to maintain Vietnamese curly hair

Below are some to for maintaining Vietnam curly hair that will make it to be well worth your investment:

  • Do not wash the hair with hot water.
  • Use shampoo and conditioner formulated specifically for Vietnamese curly hair.
  • Select the right brush or comb; a wide-toothed comb is advised. You can brush or comb your hair while showering to minimize damage.
  • Have a special sleeping method for Vietnamese curly hair: According to many hair specialists, the pineapple sleeping method will be good for Vietnamese curly hair. Create a hair bun or a ponytail on your head’s top. This helps reduce the friction between the pillows and the hair. Moreover, you should use silk or satin pillows instead of cotton pillows.

Curly bulk from Vin Hair factory

  • Regular hair care treatments with natural ingredients: use hair masks made up of natural components such as, mayonnaise, olive oil and eggs. Eggs will give your hair protein, while mayonnaise and olive oil adds hydration and shine to its dry curls.

Another kind of hair mask is the mixing of olive oil, avocados, and honey. There are numerous types of vitamins like vitamin E, and vitamin B in avocados. This kind of mask is especially beneficial for curly hair.

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