High quality Vietnam remy hair and reliable places to buy it

Customers around the world are attracted to Vietnam remy hair due to its preeminent features like beautiful appearance, strong texture, high durability, and reasonable price. Keep reading for more information about Vietnamese remy hair and the top best companies to buy this hair type.

The definition of Vietnam remy hair

Vietnam remy hair is 100% Vietnamese human hair sourced directly from Vietnamese people so the hair cuticles are intact and aligned.
Vietnamese remy hair is collected from 2-3 donors. The hair strands are sorted carefully so there is high similarity among the strands regarding hair color and quality.

The best places to buy high-quality Vietnam remy hair

People typically think of Vietnamese remy hair when they want to get high-quality Remy Hair since they are renowned for their exceptional quality, affordability, and great service. To assist you in purchasing Vietnam Remy hair of high quality, we have compiled a list of the greatest suppliers of Vietnamese remy hair. They are renowned for their moderately cost and high-quality hair products.

Vin Hair Factory – Top 1 best place to buy Vietnam Remy hair

Vin Hair Factory is known as the leading hair factory in Vietnam which supplies high-quality Vietnam Remy Hair.

Vin Hair Factory has a large manufacturing facility so we can produce on our own and supply bulk orders.


Vin Hair vendor -the best place for hair extensions

Our main products are hair weft, bulk hair, closures & frontals, and hair extensions made of 100% Vietnamese Remy Hair. Vin Hair Factory is a hair factory receiving numerous positive Vietnam remy hair reviews from customers all over the world.


Vin Hair Factory supplies numerous choices of products

Contact Whatsapp +84904895622 (Ms. Gift) for discount:

  • Discount 5$/kg for order from 1-4,9kg
  • Discount 15$/kg for order from 5-9,9kg
  • Discount 25-30$/kg for order from 10kg

Contact Vin Hair for the best deal

Vin Hair Factory supplies the most competitive pricing in the hair market. Wholesale pricing for 1kg hair starts from $88.

Come to Vin Hair Factory for great satisfactory and professional customer service!

Layla Hair – Top 1 best places to buy Vietnam Remy hair

Layla Hair has a comprehensive approach to hair care and offers extensions of the greatest quality that may give you a brand-new look.

  • Hair wigs, weft hair, and hair extensions from 100 Vietnam Remy hair are offered for sale.
  • Price: Very competitive pricing. Closure/pricing ranges between 71 and 330 USD per item.
  • Policy: returns and exchanges are accepted within 2 days of receipt.

If you desire high-quality Vietnamese remy hair, Layla Hair is among the most excellent options.

Jen hair – The leading Vietnam Remy hair company

From a small hair shop, Jen Hair has developed as among the leading hair wholesalers in Vietnam.

  • Hair wigs, hair weft, hair extensions, closure, and frontal are the available products. The curly hair weft is the most popular at Jen Hair.
  • Jen Hair offers low pricing for items of superior quality.
  • Policy: returns and exchanges are accepted

Jen Hair, among the leading hair Vietnamese hair suppliers, is the best option for purchasing Vietnam Remy hair of high quality.


Remy hair from Vin Hair factory with high quality

Mic Hair – Top 1 most reliable Vietnam Remy hair company

Mic Hair is acknowledged as among the leading hair suppliers in Vietnam and specializes in the wholesale distribution of Asian Remy Hair.

  • Bulk hair, weft hair, closure & frontal, and hair extensions from Vietnam Remy hair are the products offered.
  • Although the price offered by Mic Hair is not inexpensive, the quality is worth it.
  • Policy: Products may be returned within 30 days of receipt.

Remy hair can designed in many ways

Mic Hair is a terrific hair vendor to work with if you like high-quality Vietnamese remy hair and superior customer service.

Cyhair – One of the best places to buy Vietnam Remy hair

Cyhair is among the leading providers of Vietnamese Remy Hair for you to buy hair. This hair vendor receives numerous positive Vietnam remy hair reviews.

  • Products: bulk hair, frontal and closure, and hair weft.
  • Wholesale prices for straight, single-drawn Remy hair range from 93 to 430 USD per kilogram ( 8 inches to 26 inches)
  • Policy: exchanges and returns are accepted within 15 days of receipt.

Cyhair is an excellent option for purchasing high-quality Vietnam Remy hair, and they won’t let you down.


Natural straight hair from Vin Hair factory

5S Hair – One of the best places to get Vietnam Remy hair

5S Hair is an excellent option for Vietnamese remy hair and may suit all of the customer’s requirements.

  • Items include hair extensions, hair weft from Vietnam Remy hair
  • 5S Hair’s rates are quite inexpensive, beginning at approximately $9 per 100g Vietnam Remy hair.
  • Policy: exchanges and returns are accepted within 2 days of receipt.

You can get Vietnamese Remy hair from 5S Hair Factory with confidence because of its superior quality and reasonable price.

Advantages of Vietnam remy hair compared to other remy hair types

Vietnam remy hair draws the attention of numerous customers all over the world thanks to its outstanding advantages compared to many other types of remy hair around the world, which are clear origin, outstanding characteristics and reasonable pricing.

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You can buy remy hair with reasonable price

Vietnam remy hair has a clear origin

Vietnamese remy hair is hair directly sourced from Vietnamese women between the age of 18 and 35 living in rural areas of Vietnam. Vietnamese people still retain the tradition of growing long black hair that leads to the plentiful source of raw materials. When buying Vietnam remy hair, customers do not need to worry about mixed origin hair or blended or mixed synthetic hair as when buying remy hair from other countries.


Vietnam remy hair has outstanding characteristics

Vietnamese remy hair is renowned for its beautiful texture, versatility and exceptional durability:

  • Vietnam Remy Hair is black, straight, soft, shiny, and silky by nature. The cuticles of it are aligned (moving in the same direction), therefore it is perfectly natural, soft, and silky. It is also thanks to the natural human characteristics of Vietnamese people and the country’s temperate climate, Vietnamese remy hair has this stunning appearance.

Remy hair extensions can satisfied you

  • Remy hair supplied by Vietnamese hair vendors is ideal for styling, bleaching and coloring whatever styles and colors customers want. Vietnam Remy hair is extremely adaptable and may be styled and colored as desired. When hair is dyed, the color is uniform. Blonde-dyed Vietnamese remy hair is especially popular among European customers.

  • Vietnam Remy hair is extremely strong and resilient: It is made from raw hair materials of high quality which is strong and resilient hair that is nourished with herbs and less subjected to chemicals. With careful maintenance, Remy hair products from Vietnamese hair vendors can be used for up to five years.

The aforementioned characteristics are what make Vietnamese remy hair so sought after in the world hair market. This hair type will be well worth your investment and will not disappoint you.


Vietnamese remy hair has a beautiful texture

Vietnam remy hair is supplied at reasonable pricing

Vietnamese remy hair is priced in the medium section of the global market, but given its great quality, the price is absolutely affordable. An 8-inch bundle of quality Vietnam Remy hair begins at about $8. It offers numerous hair wholesalers worldwide with attractive chances. When purchasing Vietnam Remy hair at the same price as other nations’ Remy hair, the quality of Vietnamese remy hair is superior. This will both enhance the reputation among customers and profits of your hair business.

Tips to determine the quality of Vietnam remy hair

If you are new to the hair industry and want to know how to determine the quality of Vietnamese remy hair, below are some guidelines for determining the Vietnam Remy hair’s quality. The following recommendations will assist you in purchasing Vietnamese remy hair of high quality.

  • Check by eyes: Observe if the hair is shiny, the hairs have a high color similarity.
  • To determine whether hair can be easily shed: Comb or brush the hair top to down moderately to vigorously to determine if the strands fall out.
  • Stroke their hair many times to determine if any color remains on your hands. If so, the hair color will fade rapidly.

List hair orders from Vin Hair Factory

  • For Vietnam Remy hair straight: At first sight, the hair will appear even and straight, but you need to examine it thoroughly to identify any strands with curls. If so, the products have been poorly handled and rapidly lose their style.
  • Examine the Vietnamese remy hair’s grade: Single drawn hair type with 50-55% of the hair strands are in the same full length so the bottom is much thinner than the top. Double drawn bundle has 70-80% of the total hair strands are in the same full length so there is a little difference between the thickness of the top and bottom. Super double drawn bundle has 90=95% of the hair strands are in the same full length so the top and bottom are nearly the same.

With the aforementioned guidelines, you can evaluate the Vietnam Remy hair’s quality and select a supplier of high-quality hair for your hair business.

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