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Vietnam, China, and India are the best places where you can find the greatest hair factories in the world. Keep reading for characteristics including production scale, hair quality, and price of the hair factories from these countries.

The definition of a hair factory

A hair factory, or hair manufacturer is a company that has its own plant equipped with machinery and equipment and has its laborers to produce hair.
The hair factory directly buys input materials, produces and distributes hair products without the involvement of any middlemen.

Advantages of buying hair from a hair factory

Since hair factories directly control the input materials and the hair production process, they have many advantages in terms of quality, price, and lead time over commercial intermediaries.

  • Buying from a hair factory results in more consistent hair quality: Hair factories can control the incoming hair quality and production process so the quality will be more stable than the hair quality provided by the trade intermediaries who have to import the hair from different manufacturers.
  • Customers will get better prices when buying from a hair factory: Of course, when you buy from hair factories you will get wholesale factory price which is better than the price offered by commercial companies.
  • A hair factory can supply large quantities of hair in a short time: hair factories will have available materials, machinery and labor to produce large orders in a short time. Meanwhile, if you buy from commercial intermediaries, you will need to wait longer because they have to buy hair from the manufacturers.

In general, the hair factory will have advantages in quality, price, and production time. However, because their main function is production, they don’t pay too much attention to customer service, so maybe their customer service will not be as good as that of commercial intermediaries.

The places to find the best hair factory in the world

There are several hair factories all over the world, the largest and most renowned are concentrated in Vietnam, India and China.

Vietnam – where the hair factory supplies premium hair at competitive prices

A hair factory in Vietnam is well-known for supplying real Vietnamese human hair of high quality at competitive pricing.

  • Hair origin: The majority of hair factories in Vietnam supply hair products made of 100% Remy Vietnamese human hair, no blended or mixed synthetic hair.
  • Hair characteristics: the hair supplied by the reputable Vietnamese hair factory retains all the great features of natural Vietnamese hair. Vietnamese hair is soft, silky, shiny and resilient by nature and thanks to the hair care practice with natural herbs of Vietnamese people. The hair can be dyed and styled to any color and hairstyle you want without damaging its cuticles. The hair can last as long as five years with proper maintenance.
  • Production scale and processing technique: The hair factories in Vietnam, besides the big factories, the majority often produce on a small scale, household scale with about 40-50 employees. These factories are often concentrated in craft villages, where workers have long experience in the hair industry. These workers will perform the stages that require high processing techniques and careful attention to detail to produce the most quality finished products.
  • Price: Thanks to the abundant raw materials and low-cost labor, hair factory in Vietnam can supply hair at the most competitive price in the world hair market. At the same price, the hair quality supplied by Vietnamese hair factories is superior to that of hair factories in other countries.

The top hair factory in Vietnam is recommended by hair merchants and salons around the world due to their great quality and affordable pricing.

China – home to the largest hair factory in the world

China is home to the largest and most modern hair factories in the world. The hair quality and pricing of hair factories in China vary due to the large number of hair factories here.

  • Hair origin: Due to the large number of factories, the amount of domestic raw hair materials in China is not enough to meet the domestic production needs, the hair factory in China has to import hair from other countries such as Southeast Asian countries, India, Pakistan, …
  • Hair characteristics: Since hair factories in China source their hair from different sources, hair characteristics and quality vary according to hair origin. However, in general, the hair supplied by the Chinese hair factory is very shiny and smooth at first and it takes a period of use to determine its quality. Many hair factories in China abuse chemicals in hair production, so the hair will quickly become frizzy, tangled, and shedding after a period of use. So when buying from hair factories in China, you need to find a reputable hair factory and learn methods to check hair quality.
  • Production scale and processing technique: Hair factories in China are the largest hair factories in the world. With a scale of several hundred to thousands of employees, hair factories in China can supply hair in large quantities up to thousands of tons to the world market. With advanced machinery and equipment, and a developed chemical industry, hair factory in China can turn an ugly bunch of hair into beautiful and shiny hair.
  • Price: Thanks to its large scale with modern production lines capable of mass production, hair factories in China now offer the most competitive price hair in the world market. However, with high-quality products, the price offered by hair factories in China is not cheap.

A China hair factory can suit your needs if you seek gorgeous hair in large quantities at competitive prices. If you require consistently high-quality hair, this is not a suitable choice.


Hair factories in China are on large scale

India – where hair factory supplies large quantity hair at low prices

Hair factories in India are famous for producing enormous quantities of low-cost hair.

  • Hair origin: Hairballs and temple hair are the two primary sources of raw materials for hair factory in India. Temple hair is collected from temples, is the hair sourced directly from the Indians. Meanwhile, the term “hairball” refers to hair trash gathered in the bathrooms, public areas, or sewers. This is the most imported hair type by Chinese hair factories.
  • Hair characteristics: Temple hair is resilient enough to be colored or bleached, but it is thin, coarse, and slightly curly, so it must be straightened prior to styling. Hairballs are inferior in quality. Several procedures are required to create remy hair from hairballs, which damages the hair so this hair is really weak.
  • Production scale and processing technique: The majority of hair factory in Indian operate on a small scale with about 20-30 workers. India’s existing hair processing procedures are fairly obsolete. The local hair factories collect hair waste to produce hairballs, process it into non-remy hair, and export it to China.
  • Price: Thanks to the low-cost labor and cheap materials, hair factories in India can supply hair at the cheapest prices in the world hair market. A bundle of 6-inch Indian non-remy hair costs only $5 – $6.

The benefit of purchasing from a hair factory in India is absolutely their low pricing. Hair factories in India are the greatest alternative for wholesalers who place a premium on pricing. For individuals who place a premium on quality, Indian hair factories may not be the best option.

Some tips to choose a reliable hair factory

If you can not visit hair factories in person, there are some tips you can do to check their legitimacy:

  • Check the addresses of the hair factory; their addresses must be legitimate and verifiable on Google Maps.
  • Check out the client testimonials: Use search engines like Bing, and Google, or search on social networks like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, to locate the comments and ratings of satisfied customers. It’s not required that every testimony but the majority reviews need to be positive.
  • Examine the photos of the hair factories and choose those with authentic photos of products and their factories. Beware of the hair factory whose photographs are too perfect to be true, since they might be attempting to deceive you.
  • Do market research to determine the average price in the hair market. A good hair factory will give pricing equal to the average one. Generally speaking, quality and cost are associated. Beware hair factories with incredibly low prices.
  • Examine the factory’s brand name: A hair factory must have a recognized brand name that is renowned and extensively accessible online.
  • Evaluate many online presences: Reliable hair factories must have websites, legitimate social media channels, and other online presences so that buyers can contact them.
  • Select hair factories that offer policies to protect the buyers such as warranty policy. If their hair products are of great quality, a good hair factory will be confident in allowing clients to exchange and return defective items.
  • Check the payment options accepted by hair factories; PayPal acceptance is preferable. PayPal’s buyer protection policy enables clients to pay with confidence.

Top the leading world hair factory

If you’re having difficulties locating reliable hair factories to purchase hair, we have listed some of the world’s greatest hair factories for you to choose from.

Vin Hair Factory – the leading Vietnamese hair factory

With over a decade of experience in the hair industry, Vin Hair Factory has rapidly risen to become among the leading hair factories in Vietnam as well as in the world.

  • Main products: Vin Hair Factory is renowned for supplying high-quality bulk hair, wefts, clip-ins, and tape-ins. Importantly, bone straight weft hair of this hair factory is so sought after in the African market.
  • Vin Hair Factory produces hair on our own with a large factory based in Bac Ninh, Vietnam. We supply 100% Vietnamese human hair, no blended or mixed synthetic hair.
  • We offer the most competitive price compared to other hair suppliers in the Vietnamese hair market. The wholesale price for 1kg straight hair, 8 inches is $88.

If you’re a hair wholesaler desiring to purchase premium hair at a reasonable price, please contact Ms. Ella – Sales Manager of Vin Hair Factory through Whatsapp +84904895622 for the best offer.

UNice Hair – the leading Chinese hair factory

Unice Hair is a hair factory in China that has warehouses worldwide to serve its large number of customers.

  • Among the largest hair producers in China, UNice Hair is renowned for supplying real human hair. Hair products are available in numerous choices of colors, textures, and lengths. Hair supplied by UNice is renowned for its natural-looking and exceptional softness. Moreover, hair wigs from Unice Hair are so sought after for their beautiful texture and diversity.
  • The price offered by this Chinese hair factory is somewhat high, but the hair quality is excellent. 3 bundles of Brazilian Hair 10 inches cost $ 94.1.
  • Policy: 30-day exchange and return policy is applied.

Unice Hair is among the top hair factories in China as well as in the world in terms of both customer service and hair quality.

Qingdao Haiyi – Top the greatest world hair factory from China

Qingdao Haiyi is among the greatest hair factories in China, has joined the hair industry for twenty years and is renowned for its premium hair extensions.

  • Main products: hair extensions and wigs created from Brazilian, Indian, Peruvian, Indonesian and Malaysian hair. This hair factory is well-known for its tape-ins and tip-ins hair extensions, which are frequently sold to Europe.
  • Price: range from $22 to $389
  • Policy: returns and exchanges are accepted.

Qingdao is a terrific alternative if you’re searching for the most reliable Chinese hair factories that provide beautiful hair products.

SGI Hair – the premier Indian hair factory

Customers praise SGI Hair as among the most well-known hair factories in India

  • They offer high-quality wigs and hair extensions as their main products. This hair factory is especially well-known for its superior lace wigs.
  • The pricing is relatively high when compared to those of similar products.
  • Policy: returns and exchanges are accepted

Angkor Hair – a 4.5-star Cambodian hair factory

Angkor Hair has been in the hair industry for 5 years and rapidly grew to become one of the premier hair factory in Cambodia.

  • They are renowned for their durable and uniformly colored wavy and curly hair products.
  • They supply affordable pricing, beginning at $425 per kg of straight hair.
  • Policy: exchanges and returns are accepted.

Angkor Hair is a good hair factory for you to consider if you’re seeking reasonably priced hair extensions of high quality.

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