Vietnamese hair factory and top 5 best hair factories in Vietnam

If you are looking for a supplier to buy wholesale hair, do not miss the Vietnamese hair factory, which is the best source for premium and affordable hair. Useful information and top greatest hair factories in Vietnam are given below.

The best Vietnamese hair factory to work with

Here are the largest hair factories in Vietnam, all of which are renowned for their supplying affordable premium hair and great customer service, as well as receiving numerous positive reviews.

Vin Hair Factory – Top 1 best Vietnamese hair factory supplying high-quality hair


About Vin Hair – the best Vietnamese hair factory

If you are a demanding customer but have never bought hair from Vietnam before, Vin Hair Factory can be an ideal choice. Customers around the world choose to buy from Vin Hair Factory thanks to its high reputation. Vin Hair is regarded as the best hair factory in Vietnam.

  • Vin Hair Factory has a plant and skilled employees for manufacturing hair, so we can provide large quantities of high quality wholesale Vietnamese hair at the best wholesale factory price. 1kg natural straight hair 8 inches only costs from $88.

Vin Hair factory products with high-quality

  • This Vietnamese hair factory supplies numerous products made of 100% Vietnamese human hair like hair weft, bulk hair, closures & frontals, hair extensions, etc. in numerous textures, colors, and lengths.
  • To guarantee the benefits of customers, Vin Hair Factory accepts returns and exchanges within 30 days of receipt.

Come to Vin Hair Factory for a reliable partner which can help your business generate benefits and reputability. Vin Hair Factory will not let you down.

Layla Hair – A reputable Vietnamese hair factory

Layla Hair’s extensions are of the finest quality to give you a brand new beautiful look.

  • Hair bulk bundles, hair wefts, wigs, and hair extensions are offered as the main products.
  • Price: this Vietnamese hair factory offers really competitive prices. A closure costs from 71 to 330 dollars per piece.
  • Policy: they accept returns and exchanges if the claims are made within 2 days of receipt.

Beside Layla, Vin Hair Factory can be the good choice for you

If you’re seeking superior Vietnamese hair, Layla Hair is a superb Vietnam hair factory.

Jen Hair – A trustworthy Vietnamese hair factory supplying affordable hair

Jen Hair has expanded from its humble beginnings to of the biggest hair factory in Vietnam.

  • Products: weft hair, hair extensions, closure & frontal and the best-selling product is curly hair weft.
  • Price: this Vietnamese hair factory offers premium hair at reasonable pricing.
  • Policy: they accept returns and exchange.

You can order hair from Vin Hair factory for the best quality

Jen Hair is among the leading Vietnamese hair factories and can be your best option for getting Vietnamese hair of high quality.

Mic Hair – top 4 the leading Vietnamese hair factory

Mic Hair is a prominent wholesaler of Asian human hair and a highly esteemed Vietnamese hair factory.

  • Products: they supply wholesale Vietnamese hair in form of bulk bundles, hair weft, closure & frontal and hair extensions. Mic Hair is renowned for its affordable Vietnamese bulk hair.
  • Price: reasonable. An 8-inch bundle of 100g straight hair cost from $7.7.
  • Policy: exchanges and returns are accepted.

Mic Hair is regarded as among the best hair factory in Vietnam to buy hair from if you need superior hair and great customer service.

Cyhair – One of the most trustworthy Vietnamese hair factory

Cyhair has been one of the leading Vietnamese hair manufacturers supplying high-quality Vietnamese hair products for a long time.

  • This Vietnamese hair factory provides bulk hair, hair weft, closure and frontal, and hair extensions as their main products.
  • Price: a little expensive, wholesale price for 1kg straight hair – natural color is $93 – $430 (8″ -26″)
  • Policy: exchanges and returns are accepted within 2 days of receipt.

Cyhair is a very famous Vietnamese hair factory and they will fulfill all of your requirements and will not let you down.


You can buy hair from Vin Hair Factory

The Vietnamese hair factory is an ideal supplier of premium wholesale hair

Vietnam hair factory is among the greatest choices for hair wholesalers who are looking for a superior and dependable hair supply. When buying from a Vietnamese hair factory, hair wholesalers will get better quality, better price and less risk.

Vietnamese hair factory supplies premium hair

The hair factory in Vietnam supplies hair with outstanding qualities like transparent origin, gorgeous texture, strong cuticles and superior durability.

  • The Vietnam hair factory supplies hair of transparent origin: raw hair is taken 100% from women at the age of 18-35, living in rural areas and mountainous regions of Vietnam.
  • Hair supplied by the Vietnamese hair factory has a gorgeous texture: Vietnamese hair is naturally black, soft, smooth and shiny thanks to the temperate climate in Vietnam, natural human characteristics and the hair care routine with herbs of people here. Vietnamese hair products, after being processed, thanks to high qualified workers in Vietnamese hair factory, still retains these characteristics.

You can customize your hair extensions in many ways

  • Vietnamese hair products, regardless of whether it has been colored, heated, or groomed, retain good quality with intact and aligned cuticles. Therefore, customers can style and color their hair as they want, even the difficult style like deep curly or difficult colors like the lightest color 613, without worrying about damaging the hair.
  • The durability of the hair offered by the hair factory in Vietnam is outstanding. Often, Vietnamese hair products last up to 5 years without tangling or shedding.

So if you want premium hair with beautiful appearance, healthy cuticles and exceptional durability, Vietnamese hair factory is an ideal place to go for.


Vietnam hair factory supplies hair with transparent origin, gorgeous texture, strong cuticles and superior durability.

Vietnamese hair factory offers affordable prices

Vietnam hair factory can offer the most competitive prices in the hair market thanks to abundant hair supply, low-cost labor and direct production and distribution model without intermediaries.

  • Raw materials for Vietnamese factories are reasonably priced thanks to its abundant supply because Vietnamese people still keep the tradition of growing long hair since ancient times.
  • Vietnam is a developing country with an abundant source of labor, so labor costs are cheap, helping Vietnamese hair factory to reduce production costs and then reduce the pricing.
  • The hair factory in Vietnam operates independently in all stages of production and distribution, without intermediaries, so it can provide the best factory wholesale prices.

Because of the above reasons, at the same price, Vietnamese hair will have higher quality than hair from hair suppliers from other countries in the world. This will help increase profits and credibility for your hair business when trading Vietnamese hair.

Buying from a Vietnamese hair factory is less risky

Purchasing hair from a Vietnam hair factory is more simple and less risky than purchasing from hair factories in other nations due to Vietnam’s economic policies and political stability.

  • Purchasing from a Vietnamese hair factory is convenient and simple: Vietnam’s export-friendly policies facilitate the export of hair products. In addition, many hair factories in Vietnam have their own lines of shipping to a variety of international markets, so the shipment is quick and convenient.
  • It is less risky to buy from a Vietnamese hair factory: Vietnam has political stability, and there is a low risk of lost items or problems regarding customs.

Hair products from Vin Hair factory can last for long time

Many wholesalers around the world have chosen to buy hair from hair factory in Vietnam because it is easy and convenient to place an order and the risk is low.

Some best-selling products from Vietnamese hair factory

Vietnamese raw bulk hair, hair weft and hair extensions are the best-selling products of Vietnamese hair factory.

Vietnamese raw bulk hair – the most sought-after product of Vietnamese hair factory

The popularity of raw Vietnamese hair bulk on the global market is attributable to its high quality and economic benefits it brings to hair wholesalers.

  • Vietnamese raw bulk hair is Vietnamese raw hair in form of bundles. The hair is collected, sorted, rinsed, and bundled without undergoing any additional processing steps or treatments.
  • Because it hasn’t been processed, raw Vietnamese hair bulk retains all of the exceptional qualities of natural Vietnamese human hair, including softness, silkiness, strength, and durability.


  • This product of a Vietnamese hair factory is highly popular worldwide, especially in European and American markets since buyers there demand for high-quality original hair so that they may style or color the hair as they want without being worried about damaged hair.

If you are looking for premium raw hair in the global hair market, a Vietnam hair factory can be your best option for purchasing hair.


Raw bulk hair – one of the best-selling products of Vietnamese hair factories

Hair weft – another best seller of Vietnamese hair factory

Hair weft is among the most sought-after items of hair factory in Vietnam. Vietnamese Weft hair is superior to hair weft from many other countries in the world.

  • Weft hair has the hair strands sewn to a thin strip of fabric. Many customers utilize hair weft because it’s suitable for managing low-density and life-less curls.
  • Wefts supplied by Vietnamese hair factory are not chemically processed, so they preserve the distinctive qualities of Vietnamese hair, like its lovely texture with healthy cuticles. In addition, because hair is produced by skilled workers, it is durable, incredibly substantial, shedding-free, and tangling-frêe.

  • In Africa, Vietnamese hair weft is very sought-after. Because the hair of Africans is typically thin and short, they frequently need weft hair to extend and thicken it. African hair wholesalers love trading this hair type because they are able to earn 3-4 times of benefit with it.
  • Customers prefer buying hair weft bundles with closure/frontal to buying human hair Vietnamese hair wigs because Vietnamese hair wigs cost more than hair weft bundles and closure so that they can save cost.

Hair weft is the most sought-after product of Vietnamese hair factory because of its affordability and usefulness. Don’t pass up this item if you’re searching for a wholesale item that helps you get economic efficiency.


You can buy hair from Vin Hair with affordable prices

Hair extensions – one of the best-selling products of Vietnamese hair factory

Hair extensions such as tape-ins, tip-ins, and clip-ins attract the interest of hair wholesalers worldwide, particularly those from Europe and Russia.

  • Vietnamese hair extensions are extremely user-friendly products that only require attachment or clipping into natural hair. Since these items necessitate more complex and time-consuming processing, they are typical of a higher price than the previously stated hair kinds.
  • These items from Vietnamese hair factory are created from premium Vietnamese human hair and are painstakingly treated, they adhere very securely and do not shed readily when attached onto natural hair.
  • Europeans are particularly fond of these items supplied by Vietnamese hair factory due to their practicality. The hair of people in this region is long yet thin, so they need hair products that would make their hair thicker and more buoyant.

Vietnam hair factory might meet your needs if you’re searching for a hair manufacturer supplying premium hair extensions.

Process of working with the Vietnamese hair factory

Finding a trusted provider, placing an order, and making payment are the three most crucial procedures when working with Vietnamese hair factories. All the steps are in turn below.

  • Choose a dependable Vietnamese hair factory: You can locate respectable hair factories in Vietnam through the ways mentioned in the next part.
  • Create a list of required items and send it to the vendors for a quote.

  • Invoice confirmation: If you opt to purchase, the suppliers will send you an invoice to confirm that contains the total amount due, discount, delivery, and any other fees.
  • Making deposit: after you confirm the invoice, the Vietnamese hair factory will request a deposit of 50 to 70% of the total value before starting production.
  • Production: After they receive your deposit, Vietnamese hair factories will begin production. The lead time is approximately five to ten days.
  • Delivery: After completing production, the hair factory will let you check the order through photos, videos or video call, and will send it to the carrier only if you are completely satisfied with the order and have paid in full.

Hair order lists from Vin Hair factory

  • Receiving and inspecting orders: After getting the hair from the courier, you should film videos of the unpacking process in case a complaint is filed in the future.

Generally, the steps involved in working with a Vietnamese hair factory are basic and straightforward. When you purchase from a hair factory in Vietnam, they will give you particular guidelines.

Some tips to find a trustworthy Vietnamese hair factory

There are 2 methods for locating a dependable Vietnam hair factory: the traditional method and online research.


Locate a reliable Vietnamese hair factory using the traditional method

You can locate a reputable Vietnam hair factory through traditional way like going to trade fairs, recommendations for friends, relatives or partners or through the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Alternatively, you can enlist the aid of relatives in Vietnam to physically verify the genuineness of a Vietnamese hair factory. This is the safest way to locate a dependable hair factory in Vietnam.

Locate a reliable Vietnamese hair factory via the Internet

Locating a reputable Vietnam hair factory online is a quick method of searching that can provide you with a wide variety of Vietnamese hair factories. By searching on Google or other search engines, you will have a list of Vietnamese hair factories. You can filter the reputable ones by the tips below:


You should check the quality of hair before making an order

  • Ask for a video call with the Vietnamese hair factory. They need to gladly show you products and answer all of your questions.
  • Prepare a list of inquiries to ask the salesperson. Salespeople need to be well-educated about their hair and are always willing to address difficult inquiries. You can ask about the origin of the hair, hair quality, treatments applied to the hair, and hair processing techniques.
  • Prior to placing orders, carefully check the website of the hair factory, address, photos of products, and policies,… This step is so essential for those who are wondering how to import hair from Vietnam step by step. A dependable Vietnamese hair factory needs to have a real and verifiable address, photos and videos of products and transparent policies pointing out they accept exchanges and returns.

  • Check the reviews on the Vietnamese hair factories on the Internet. The majority of the reviews must be positive. Avoid those with less than 4-star rating.
  • You can follow the aforementioned methods for locating reliable Vietnamese hair factories which are the most suitable to be your partner.

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