Vietnamese hair vendors the greatest places to buy hair extensions

Vietnamese hair vendors are renowned all over the world for supplying high-quality hair at affordable prices. Buying from hair vendors in Vietnam is cost-effective and less risky. This blog will give all information about these suppliers including the best ones for the time being.

Vietnamese hair vendors are so popular in the world hair market

Vietnam hair vendors are very popular in the world hair market. This is reflected in the annual export volume of hair vendors in Vietnam, its coverage on the Internet and in the media, and the fact that they are major partners for large hair businesses in the world.

  • Every year, Vietnamese hair vendors export thousands of tons of hair to the world hair market. In recent years, Vietnam’s hair export volume is among the top in the world, just behind China and India.
  • Vietnam hair vendors are major hair suppliers for the world’s leading hair businesses, such as UNice Hair, Ted Hair, and Nadula Hair,…
  • The Vietnamese hair vendor has wide coverage on the Internet, on social networks, and in mass media. You can easily come across or find information about these hair providers.

Therefore, hair vendors in Vietnam will be the right choice for those who are looking for a reputable, reliable and direct hair manufacturer.

Vietnamese hair vendor

Vin Hair vendor – one of the best reputable vendors for hair extensions

Top 5 recommended Vietnamese hair vendors to purchase high-quality hair

Below are the top Vietnam hair vendors for you to consider:

Vin Hair Factory – top 1 best Vietnamese hair vendor


Vin Hair Vendor – the top 1 Vietnam hair vendor

Vin Hair Factory is among the largest Vietnam hair vendors, and its superior quality draws clients worldwide. It is perfect for individuals who want to locate a hair merchant but lack the time to conduct the essential investigation.

  • Vin Hair Factory has a plant with equipment, machinery, and laborers to directly manufacture hair and distribute it all over the world. The hair products of Vin Hair Factory are made of 100% Vietnamese human hair, no synthetic and no mixed hair.

Vin Hair is the best hair vendor in Vietnam

  • Principal products: This Vietnamese hair vendor supplies principal goods including  Vietnamese human hair wigs, hair weft, closure & frontal, bulk hair, and hair extensions in numerous colors, lengths and textures.
  • Pricing: Reasonable, 1kg of natural straight hair 8-inch natural color costs $88 and from $50 for Vietnamese human hair wigs.
  • Vin hair Factory allows exchanges and returns for defective merchandise within 30 days of receipt.

Vin Hair Factory can be the best choice for customers who are looking for the top Vietnamese hair vendors.


High quality of straight hair

Mic Hair – one of the best Vietnamese hair vendors

Since its founding, Mic Hair has established itself as among the leading Vietnam hair vendors in the world hair market.

  • Main product: Closure and frontal, hair extensions and wigs in numerous choices of lengths, hues, and textures are the company’s primary offerings.
  • Pricing: Beginning at $77 for straight hair, which is really cheap compared to other Vietnamese hair vendors.
  • Policy: returns and exchanges are accepted.

Mic Hair is the ideal option if you’re looking for a a reliable place to buy Vietnamese hair.

Hair products from Vin Hair Vendor

The list order of hair from Vin Hair vendor

AZ Hair – one of the top Vietnamese hair vendors

Since its founding more than a decade ago, AZ Hair has become one of the most known Vietnamese hair vendors.

  • Products: bulk hair, weft hair, closure and frontal, and hair wigs are the primary goods.
  • Pricing is quite expensive, beginning at $98 per kilogram of 8″ straight, natural-color hair.
  • Policy: Exchanges and returns must be done within 7 days of receipt, subject to certain conditions.

Go to Az Hair if you seek high-quality hair extensions from hair vendors in Vietnam.

Layla Hair – another reputable Vietnamese hair vendor

Layla Hair is among the greatest Vietnamese hair vendors if you are new to the hair business.

  • Principal products: Hair weft, hair bulk, closure & frontal from Vietnamese Remy Hair.
  • Prices begin at $129 for 1kg straight hair, which is more expensive.
  • Policy: Exchanges and returns are accepted under specific conditions.

Cy Hair – one of the greatest Vietnamese hair vendors

Cy Hair was established 10 years ago and has since risen to become one of the leading Vietnamese hair vendors.

  • Products: They provide several lengths and textures of hair.
  • The price is affordable, beginning at $93 for 1kg natural straight hair.
  • Cy Hair is a good alternative if you’re concerned about locating a hair vendor that sells high-quality hair at an inexpensive price.

For the suggestions mentioned above, you can find for yourself the most suitable one.


Buying from Vietnamese hair vendors is so advantagous

Buying from Vietnam hair vendors is cost-effective and less risky. Customers will get premium hair at affordable prices from Vietnamese hair vendors through convenient and less risky importing procedures.

Buying from Vietnamese hair vendors results in high-quality hair

Vietnam hair vendors supply hair of the premium quality segment in the hair market. The high-quality hair is shown through its clear origin, stunning texture, versatility, and great durability.

  • The hair supplied by hair vendors in Vietnam is of clear origin: raw hair materials are sourced directly from Vietnamese women who grow their long hair and donate their healthy hair. This hair source is plentiful so Vietnamese hair vendors do not need to mix hair from different sources or mix synthetic hair.

Hair extensions from Vin Hair vendor

  • Vietnam hair vendors supply the hair with beautiful textures retained from natural Vietnamese hair. The hair is thick, dark, silky, soft, and shiny. This is thanks to the natural characteristics of Vietnamese people, the temperate climate in Vietnam, and the hair care routine of Vietnamese people. They care for their hair with herbs and keep it from chemicals.
  • Versatility is another advantage of hair supplied by hair vendors in Vietnam. Customers can create any hairstyle and dye any color with this hair type, even deep curly hair and the lightest color like #613. This is thanks to the healthy cuticles of Vietnamese hair. Moreover, Vietnamese hair vendors do not treat the hair with chemicals so these cuticles are intact and aligned.
  • Hair from Vietnam hair vendors has great durability: Vietnamese hair products usually last up to 5 years if they are properly maintained. So customers can save so much cost on buying new hair when using Vietnamese hair items.

With high-quality hair imported from hair vendors in Vietnam, hair wholesalers, resellers, or distributors around the world can confidently satisfy all their customers and increase their reputation.

Vietnamese hair vendor provide hair with reasonable price

Vietnamese hair extensions is known for long-term use

Buying from Vietnamese hair vendors is cost-effective

Thanks to the abundant source of raw materials and low-cost labor, Vietnam hair vendors can supply hair at the most competitive price in the world hair market. Moreover, thanks to high-quality hair, the quality of hair supplied by Vietnamese hair vendors is higher than hair from other suppliers in other countries at the same price.


For example, a bundle of 100g straight hair – natural color – 8 inches is supplied by hair vendors in Vietnam at $8.8 is of higher quality than $8.8 hair bundle from other countries.

So when buying from Vietnam hair vendors, you will get premium hair at a reasonable price so it will be cost-effective.

Buying from Vietnamese hair vendors is less risky and more convenient

Buying from Vietnam hair vendors is convenient because they have many years of experience in the hair industry and many vendors have their own shipping lines to many countries in the world which makes the order procedure so simple.

Moreover, Vietnam is a country with a stable economic and political situation so when importing hair from Vietnamese hair vendors, customers will face less risk of goods being lost or held by customs.


Vin Hair products made from 100% human hair

The classification of Vietnamese hair vendors

Hair vendors in Vietnam are divided into 2 types, based on manufacturing capacity: manufacturers and commercial intermediaries. Each type of Vietnamese hair vendor offers customers various benefits and drawbacks. While hair manufacturers offer price and quality advantages, commercial intermediaries provide superior customer service.

Manufacturing Vietnamese hair vendors

The manufacturer has its own plant with machinery, equipment, and personnel to make hair. They acquire the raw hair materials, manufacture the goods, then distribute them to resellers, wholesalers, and distributors.

Advantages of buying from Vietnamese hair manufacturers: Buying hair directly from Vietnamese hair manufacturers will result in consistent hair quality, lower prices, and a quicker lead time.


  • As no middlemen join the producing and distributing process, ordering from a manufacturing Vietnamese hair vendor directly will result in lower wholesale prices.
  • In addition, because they keep a big quantity of raw materials on hand, hair producers can fulfill bulk orders rapidly.

Regarding price and quality, manufacturing Vietnamese hair vendors have a number of benefits, but their primary role is production, so they will not pay much attention to customer care.

Commercial Vietnamese hair vendors

Commercial intermediaries are companies that buy hair from manufacturers then distribute it. They operate as intermediaries between manufacturers and consumers.

Advantages of purchasing hair from commercial intermediaries: In contrast, acquiring hair from intermediaries results in more expensive because they are middlemen, and the quality of hair will be uneven because they must obtain hair from multiple companies. Their customer service is more professional than the manufacturers, however.

Each form of Vietnamese hair vendor will satisfy your specific needs. If you are in need of hair in bulk, a manufacturer is the best option, but if you need to purchase hair at retail, a commercial intermediary is the best option.


Contact Vin Hair vendor for highest quality of hair extensions

The most popular products of Vietnamese hair vendors

Vietnam hair vendors mainly focus on 3 products, which are: bulk hair, hair weft and hair extensions.

Bulk hair – one of the most popular products of Vietnamese hair vendors

High quality and reasonable price of bulk hair from hair vendors in Vietnam are what makes this hair type so popular in the global hair market.

  • Bulk hair is unprocessed hair, the hair is just sorted, washed, and bundled into bundles without going through any further treatments.
  • Vietnamese bulk hair keeps all the excellent attributes of Vietnamese hair, including its softness, fluffy texture, , and durability, because the hair has not been exposed to heat or chemicals.
  • This item supplied by Vietnamese hair vendors is quite popular globally, particularly in America and Europe, where purchasers desire high-quality and original hair rather than processed hair so that they can dye or style the hair as they desire.

If you are interested in purchasing superior pure unprocessed hair in the worldwide hair market, Vietnam hair vendors may be your best choice.


You can order hair bulk from Vietnamese hair vendors

Hair weft – another sought-after product supplied by Vietnamese hair vendors

Hair weft is one of Vietnam’s most sought-after product of Vietnam hair vendors thanks to convenient use and reasonable pricing.

  • The hair strands of weft hair are attached to a cloth strip. Customers are interested in weft hair because it is appropriate for treating low-density, lifeless curls.
  • Weft hair supplied by hair vendors in Vietnam has not been treated with chemicals, thus they retain the outstanding characteristics of natural Vietnamese hair, such as its beautiful texture and healthy cuticles. Moreover, because professional personnel makes the hair, it is resilient, exceptionally substantial, tangle-free, and shedding-free.


  • In Africa, the hair weft of Vietnamese hair vendors is extremely popular. Because African hair is often short and thin, weft hair is regularly used to thicken and expand it. Hair wholesalers in Africa adore trading this type of hair since they may earn three to four times as much profit with it.
  • Human hair Vietnamese bone straight hair is among the most well-liked hair weft products of hair vendors in Vietnam. Customers like human hair Vietnamese bone straight hair thanks to its reasonable price and gorgeous texture.

Weft hair is the most popular product supplied by Vietnam hair vendors due to its cost and practicality. Don’t overlook this hair type if you’re looking for a hair wholesale item that improves your business’s economic efficiency.


Weft hair with high-quality

Hair extensions – one of the most popular products of Vietnamese hair vendors

Hair extension products such as clip-ins, tip-ins, and tape-ins draw the attention of hair wholesalers from all over the world, especially those from Russia and Europe.

  • Hair extensions from Vietnamese hair vendors are incredibly user-friendly, requiring only insertion or clipping to natural hair. Because these goods require more time-consuming and intricate processing, they’re often more expensive than the hair types previously mentioned.
  • When attached to natural hair, these items adhere firmly and don’t easily shed. They have been meticulously processed from Vietnamese human hair.

High-quality hair extensions from Vin Hair Vendor

  • Thanks to their functionality, hair extensions supplied by Vietnamese hair vendors are sought after by European customers. They have long, thin hair, therefore they require products that will make it more buoyant and thicker.

If you are looking for a hair vendor with superior hair extensions, a hair vendor in Vietnam may be able to suit your expectations.


Hair extensions – one of the most popular products of Vietnamese hair vendors

Useful tips to locate reliable Vietnamese hair vendors

Below are some ways to locate reliable hair vendors in Vietnam, including traditional and modern ways.

Locate credible Vietnamese hair vendors in a traditional way

At seminars and trade fairs, you can find reputable Vietnamese hair vendors. Alternatively, you might contact friends and family in Vietnam for aid in locating reputable hair enterprises using search engine results, through the Ministry of Industry and Trade, or personal referrals.

Locate credible Vietnamese hair vendors on the Internet

You may compile a list of Vietnam hair vendors online and discover credible ones by thoroughly examining their address, website, online presence, policies, and products, etc.

  • Verify the addresses of hair vendors in Vietnam: reputable Vietnamese hair vendors must have a physical address that can be verified using Google Maps.
  • Check the images of the hair products; only put your trust in the hair vendor with actual videos and photos of their hair products. Beware those with images that are too wonderful or too perfect to be true, as they might be con artists.


  • Examine the websites of the Vietnamese hair vendors: reputable hair suppliers should have their professional websites publish information about their business, contact information, products, policies, etc.
  • Check the several internet presences of Vietnam hair vendors; choose those with multiple online presences, such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube accounts, via which you may communicate with them, as untrustworthy hair vendors might block you right after you make payment.
  • Examine the pricing offered by the hair vendors in Vietnam: You must investigate the current typical price on the hair market. Avoid those with excessively cheap prices or too lower than the average price, as quality is commensurate with the pricing.

Contact Vin Hair for the best hair extensions

  • Request a video conference with Vietnamese hair vendors: This is an essential step to avoid scammers for those who are concerned about how to import hair from Vietnam detailed direction. Select the hair suppliers who are always willing to answer your questions and demonstrate their products via video call.
  • Check their policy: reputable hair vendors in Vietnam will accept returns and exchanges.

After this article, you can have more information of Vietnamese hair vendor and choosing the best Vietnam hair vendor for yourself. You can contact Vin Hair vendor for the best deal and reasonable hair price.


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