Vietnamese hair extensions are so sought after in the hair market

Vietnamese hair extensions are so sought-after in the hair market thanks to its great quality and affordability. So, from trading Vietnam hair extensions, hair wholesalers worldwide can earn significant profits and reputability. This article provides reliable places to buy it.

Vietnamese hair extensions are so popular in the world hair market

Vietnam hair extensions are very well-known in the global hair market and attract close attention from hair wholesalers worldwide, as evidenced by its enormous sales volume and wide coverage on the Internet.


With one click, you can easily buy hair extensions at home

  • Thousands of tonnes of Vietnamese hair extensions are exported annually to overseas markets. Vietnam is one of the leading exporters of hair extensions in Asia, alongside China, Malaysia, and India,… Vietnam hair extensions exports account for over twenty percent of the global hair export market, trailing only Indian and Chinese hair extensions.
  • The world’s largest hair factories also resell Vietnamese hair extensions. Such suppliers include Ted Hair, Nadula Hair, and Unice Hair,…

Vin Hair Factory products

  • Information regarding Vietnam hair extensions is widely available on the Internet, including search engine results, on social media, and e-commerce websites. Some African television stations also report on Vietnamese hair extensions.

If you’re seeking a profitable product, Vietnam hair extensions may be the best option for you.

The best places to buy Vietnamese hair extensions

There are numerous suppliers of Vietnamese hair extensions in the market now. To assist you in choosing the best and most suitable hair supplier, we’ve compiled a list of the most reputable hair suppliers in Vietnam known for offering high-quality hair at affordable costs.

Vin Hair Factory – the most reputable supplier of Vietnamese hair extensions


Vin Hair Factory – the most reputable supplier of Vietnamese hair extensions

VinHair Factory is top 1 the finest hair factories in Vietnam, renowned for its superior Vietnam hair extensions and affordable prices.

  • Vin Hair Factory  is among the reliable raw Vietnamese hair vendors and has a factory with workers and equipment to produce hair so we can supply Vietnamese hair extensions in large quantities and numerous patterns.

  • With no middlemen involved, we are confident to offer the best wholesale factory price in the Vietnamese hair market. Wholesale price for straight hair is only from $88/kg.
  • Policy: you can shop at Vin Hair Factory with confidence because we accept returns and exchanges within 30 days of receipt.

Going to the Vin Hair Factory, you will obtain the highest quality, the most affordable pricing, and the greatest service.


Hair products from Vin Hair Factory

Mic Hair – one of the most reliable Vietnamese hair extensions suppliers.

Mic Hair is considered among the largest suppliers of Vietnam hair extensions and Asian human hair extensions with over 10 years of experience in the hair market.

  • Their primary products are hair weft, hair bulk, closures & frontals.
  • Price: This pricing is rather high, beginning at $129 per kg straight hair – natural black color.
  • Policy: exchanges and returns are accepted within 30 days of receipt.

Mic Hair is among the leading suppliers of Vietnamese hair extensions and is ideal for hair wholesalers due to its high quality and superior customer service.


Bone straight hair from Vin Hair factory

Cyhair – One of the best suppliers of Vietnamese hair extensions

CyHair, established 10 years ago, is among the biggest hair suppliers in Vietnam providing real hair extensions.

  • Main products: tape-ins, clip-ins, tip-ins, micro rings, and ponytails created from human hair are available. The quality varies with the time period
  • Price: quite affordable. The wholesale price of 8-inch straight Remy Hair is $93/kg.
  • Policy: returns and exchanges are accepted within 15 days of receipt.

Cyhair is an excellent option for people in need of Vietnamese hair extensions due to its affordable and quality hair.


High-quality of hair from Vin Hair factory

AZ Hair – One of the leading Vietnamese hair extensions suppliers

Since more than 15 years ago, AZ Hair has established itself as among the best hair suppliers in Vietnam.

  • Main products: hair bulk, hair weft, closures & frontals.
  • Price: quite expensive, beginning at $11.8 for 100g 8-inch bundle
  • Policy: exchanges and returns are accepted within 3 days of receipt, with the exception of improper product selections, such as the wrong address or wrong size.


If you are looking for the finest Vietnamese hair extensions, come to AZ Hair. It is an ideal option due to the superior quality of their products and their affordable costs.

The reasons why numerous hair wholesalers choose Vietnamese hair extensions

Among numerous choices of hair extensions out there, many wholesalers and consumers from all over the world choose to buy Vietnamese hair extensions because of its transparent origin, superior quality and affordability. Trading this type can help the wholesalers increase both profits and reputability.

Vietnamese hair extensions are of transparent origin

Vietnam hair extensions are made of raw materials acquired from remote and hilly regions of northern Vietnam. Women here grow long, healthy hair and donate it. This hair source is abundant, so clients need not worry about purchasing hair of mixed origin.

Vietnamese hair extensions are of superior quality

Vietnam hair extensions are regarded as of superior quality due to their gorgeous texture, strong cuticles, and outstanding resilience.

  • Vietnamese hair extensions retain the gorgeous texture of Vietnamese hair since they have not been subjected to any chemical treatment. The hair retains its softness, smoothness, and shine. You can not find another hair kind that is smoother and softer than Vietnam hair extensions.

You can create numerous styles and color numerous with your hair extensions

  • Vietnamese hair extensions, regardless of whether it has been styled and colored, retain its good condition with strong and aligned cuticles. So, customers do not need to worry about damaging their hair when coloring or styling it. You can create numerous styles and color numerous hues with Vietnam hair extensions (even the lightest color #613)
  • The durability of Vietnamese hair extensions is outstanding. Their lifespan is 5 years on average.

The outstanding qualities mentioned above help human hair extensions Vietnam be considered a high quality Vietnamese hair wholesale product and  stand out among numerous hair extensions from other countries to be the greatest choice of wholesalers around the world.


Vin Hair Factory products

Vietnamese hair extensions can be supplied in large quantity

Due to the plentiful supply of raw hair materials, Vietnamese hair extensions can be supplied in large quantities. This is a product selection criterion by hair resellers around the world because in addition to Vietnamese hair, Malaysian, Cambodian, and Brazilian hair extensions are also of good quality but limited supply, which is not suitable for them to expand their hair business.


Some popular Vietnamese hair extensions products

The most sought-after products of Vietnam hair extensions include hair weft, hair bulk, tape-ins, clip-ins, and tip-in hair extensions.

  • Hair bulk: This is a form of raw hair (not going through any treatments), which is a popular hair extension product in Vietnam. Following collection, the hair is sorted, cleaned, and then bundled. This product of Vietnamese hair extensions is very popular with wholesalers because it retains the finest attributes of Vietnamese hair, allowing them to style it as they desire.

  • Weft hair is another popular type of Vietnam hair extension, especially Vietnamese bone straight hair weft. It is a collection of hair strands sewn into a thin fabric strip. People with short and thin hair like weft hair because using it is simple and convenient. This product is extremely sought after by African customers. They typically have short and thin hair, then they frequently utilize weft hair to achieve instant length and volume.

The high-quality of the hair products

  • Clip-ins, tape-ins, and tip-in Vietnamese hair extensions are processed carefully to keep the natural and superior qualities of natural Vietnamese hair. European customers are particularly fond of these products since, having long but thin hair, they seek out hair treatments that would add volume to their hair.

The aforementioned items are well-known, high-quality Vietnam hair extensions items with competitive prices that generate substantial profits for hair retailers and enterprises.


Some popular Vietnamese hair products

Tips to buy high-quality Vietnamese hair extensions

Although Vietnam hair extensions are of high quality, there is still a risk that you will buy low-quality hair by finding an unreliable hair supplier and not knowing how to check the hair quality. Here are some tips for choosing a reputable hair supplier and checking the quality of the hair.

Choosing a dependable supplier of Vietnamese hair extensions

When looking for a reliable supplier of Vietnam hair extensions, you need to follow the tips below:

  • Choose a supplier who is always willing to make a video call with you to show you their products and answer your inquiries.
  • Choose a hair supplier who has actual photos and videos of the products. Avoid those with too perfect ones because they can be scammers.

Vin Hair factory promises to give customer the best hair quality

  • Looking for reviews on the supplier on the Internet. A reliable hair supplier of Vietnamese hair extensions needs to have a majority of reviews positive.
  • Choose a supplier who has a professional website where they publish information about their company like address, contact, online presence, products, and policies,…
  • Carefully check the warranty and return policy of the hair company. Choose the supplier allowing exchanges and returns to protect your benefits.


If you follow the tips above, you will find a dependable Vietnamese hair extensions supplier who will supply you with high quality hair and great customer service.

Checking the quality of Vietnamese hair extensions

In addition to examining the hair quality through video conference, you can request sample products from the suppliers or purchase a small quantity first to examine the hair by observing, stroking the hair, and via hair odor:


Contact Vin Hair factory to get the best deal

  • Observing texture and color of Vietnamese hair extensions: Examine the similarity among the hair strands regarding the hair color and texture. High-quality hair will have a great similarity.
  • Checking hair cuticles: Touching the hair to check the cuticles of the hair. If the hair is soft and silky, the hair cuticles are aligned and intact. Meanwhile, rough and coarse hair indicates low-quality hair with losing cuticles.


  • Shedding and tangling test: By stroking the hair bundle top to down, it is possible for you to determine if the hair strands will easily fall out or not.
  • Odor test: Through the odor of the hair, you can determine whether or not the Vietnamese hair extensions have been chemically treated. High-quality Vietnam hair extensions usually have a comfortable scent of conditioner since they haven’t been chemically processed. Your hair may have been chemically treated if there is a pungent odor.

With the tips above, you will determine if the Vietnam hair extensions you buy are of high quality or not.

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