Raw Vietnamese hair vendors are among the greatest hair vendors

Raw Vietnamese hair vendors are so popular with customers around the world for supplying high quality raw hair at competitive prices. Find out more information regarding their hair quality, price, policies and top the best ones to work with in this blog.


Raw Vietnamese hair vendors are regarded as among the greatest hair vendors in the world

Vietnamese raw hair vendors are very famous in the world hair market and attract the attention of both retail customers and major commercial hair businesses around the world, as shown by their huge sales volume, it is trusted by the biggest hair providers in the world and its coverage on the internet and other communication channels:

  • The largest hair factories in the world also supply many hair products made of raw hair which is imported from Raw Vietnamese hair vendors. Such suppliers can be mentioned as Ted Hair, UNice Hair, Nadula Hair,…

Hair extensions from Vietnam made from 100% human hair

  • Every year, raw Vietnamese hair vendors export thousands of tons of hair to the international market. Vietnam is among the top raw hair exporting countries in Asia along with China, India, and Malaysia,…Vietnam’s hair export output accounts for more than 20% of the world’s hair export output, just behind China and India.
  • Information about raw hair vendors in Vietnam is widespread on the Internet such as on search results of search engines, social networking sites, e-commerce sites,… Television stations of some African countries also reports on Vietnamese raw hair suppliers.

Therefore, Vietnamese raw hair vendors can be the right choice if you are looking for a large and reputable hair supplier.

Top 6 best raw Vietnamese hair vendors new updated

To save your time and reduce risks to the maximum, we have compiled a list of the best raw hair vendors in Vietnam for you to choose from. These hair vendors have received numerous positive reviews from customers.

Vin Hair Vendor – top 1 raw Vietnamese hair vendor to work with

When it comes to the best raw Vietnamese hair vendors, Vin Hair Vendor cannot be ignored. Vin Hair Vendor is the greatest hair vendor in Vietnam capable of meeting all of your needs and surpassing all other hair enterprises in every way.


About Vin Hair vendor – the best hair vendor in Vietnam

  • Vin Hair Vendor supplies raw hair made of 100% Vietnamese human hair which is selected for the highest quality. Raw hair is supplied in numerous choices of lengths (up to 38 inches), types (hair bulk bundles, hair weft, closure & frontal, and hair extensions), and textures (straight, body wavy, loose wavy, natural wavy, pixie curly, yaki curly, etc),…
  • Vin Hair Vendor has their own factory located in Bac Ninh Province, Vietnam and head office located in Hanoi. So they are among the best raw Vietnamese hair vendors who can supply large quantities of hair at wholesale factory prices.

Products from Vin Hair vendor

  • The pricing of Vin Hair Vendor is so competitive in the Vietnamese hair market. A bundle of 100g 8″ straight hair costs only from $8.8.
  • Vin Hair accepts exchanges and returns within 30 days of receipt if the hair is found damaged or defective so customers can buy from them with confidence.
  • Vin Hair Vendor receives numerous compliments from international customers for high quality hair and great customer service.

Contact Vin Hair vendor for the high-quality hair extensions

Vin Hair Vendor should be in your top choices when looking for a dependable raw Vietnamese hair wholesale vendor to work with.

Jen Hair – one of the best raw Vietnamese hair vendors

Jenhair has built a reputation as one of the first Vietnamese raw hair vendors since its foundation in 1995. Throughout its history, Jen Hair has grown from a tiny hair store to the largest Vietnamese hair supplier.

  • Main products: They supply a selection of colored and styled products, including raw bulk hair, hair weft, closures & frontals…
  • As one of the greatest human hair factories in Vietnam, their prices are competitive. Their prices are incredibly fair for things of such excellent quality.
  • Policy: exchange and returns are accepted under certain circumstances.

Different hair style from Vin Hair vendors

Jen Hair is considered one of the greatest raw Vietnamese hair vendors, where you can confidently purchase wholesale raw Vietnamese hair.

AZ Hair – one of the best raw Vietnamese hair vendors for supplying high quality hair

AZ Hair – one of the best Vietnamese raw hair vendors for supplying high-quality hair

  • Their primary products include hair bulk, weft hair, closures & frontals. Their hair wefts are renowned for their exceptional quality.
  • Price is extremely competitive, approximately 11.8 dollars per bundle of 100 grammes of 8-inch natural straight hair.
  • They accept exchanges and returns within three days, subject to certain conditions.
Funmi-Curly-Hair-Weft- CW7

Funmi curly hair from Vin Hair vendor

Customers laud Az hair, one of the leading raw Vietnamese hair vendors, for its exceptional quality and service.

Mic Hair – top the best raw Vietnamese hair vendors to purchase hair from

Mic Hair is considered one of the greatest raw Vietnamese hair wholesale vendors because they have more than 10 years of experience in trading wholesale raw hair.

  • Main products: Mic Hair mostly sells raw bulk hair and raw hair weft in a range of textures and lengths. Customers pay particular attention to the weft hair offered by Mic Hair.
  • Price: quite reasonable. The price for 100g of bulk hair is approximately $7.7, whereas other varieties begin at $12.90 for 100 grams.
  • Policy: They accept returns and exchanges within 30 days, with the exception of customized orders.

Mic Hair receives instant favorable reviews from worldwide clients. The customers agree to consider it to be among the top raw hair vendors in Vietnam.


Feedback from Vin Hair’s customer

5S Hair – one of the most reliable raw Vietnamese hair vendors

For those who are seeking for raw hair of exceptional quality, 5S Hair can be the top choice to meet your needs.

  • Products: Excluding wigs, the majority of hair types are offered. Their best seller is hair weft.
  • Price: can be the cheapest in the Vietnamese hair market. A bundle of 100g 8″ raw hair costs from $8.8


  • 5S Hair accepts exchanges and returns under certain situations provided claims are filed within two days of receipt.
  • Customer reviews: The hair quality and customer services of 5S Hair are continuously praised by customers. However, customers keep complaining about their long shipping time.

High-quality of wavy hair from Vin Hair vendor

Go to 5S Hair if you have a tight budget but still need a raw Vietnamese hair vendor supplying good quality hair.

MCSARA – one of the leading raw Vietnamese hair vendors

MCSARA was founded in the 1990s and since then has become the leading and most reputable raw hair vendors in Vietnam, supplying high-quality products at affordable prices.

  • Their primary offerings consist of hair weft, clip-ins, tape-ins and wigs. MCSARA is among the small number of hair vendors in Vietnam offering exquisite wigs.
  • Prices are fairly inexpensive, beginning at $9.8 per bundle of 100g 8″ natural straight hair.
  • Policy: exchanges and returns are accepted.

MCSARA, among the leading raw Vietnamese hair vendors, supplies tons of raw hair to the world market. They already have a large number of loyal customers from many countries around the world.

Raw Vietnamese hair vendors and some of their main products

Below are some basic information about raw hair vendors in Vietnam regarding the definition of raw hair they supply and their classifications.

Raw Vietnamese hair vendors supply raw hair in numerous types of products

Raw hair supplied by Vietnamese raw hair vendors is hair that has not gone through any heat, steam or chemical treatments. The hair cuticles remain intact and aligned so the hair is of high quality, not prone to tangling or shedding.


Hair extensions with reasonable price from Vin Hair

Raw Vietnamese hair vendors supply raw hair in many forms like bundles (just cleaned and bundled into bundles), raw hair weft (hair strands sewn into a cloth), closures & frontals, wigs, and hair extensions like clip ins, tape ins, or tip ins,…

Classification of raw Vietnamese hair vendors

Based on production capacity, there are two primary types of raw hair vendors in Vietnam: raw hair factories and raw hair commercial companies. Each sort of raw Vietnamese hair vendor brings customers distinct advantages and disadvantages. While raw hair factories have advantages in price and hair quality, trading companies make customers more satisfied with service.

Raw Vietnamese hair vendors who are manufacturers

The raw hair factory has their own plant to manufacture hair with equipment, machinery and laborers to produce hair. They collect the raw materials, produce items, and then distribute it to resellers, trading companies or distributors.


Vin Hair products can satisfied you

Pros of buying hair from raw Vietnamese hair manufacturers: purchasing directly from a Vietnamese raw hair factory will result in more consistent quality, better pricing and shorter leading time.

  • Because there are no middlemen involved, purchasing directly from a Vietnamese raw hair factory will result in a better pricing which is wholesale factory pricing.
  • In addition, when buying from a raw Vietnamese hair manufacturer, customers will get a better price because there are no middlemen involved.
  • Hair manufacturers can supply bulk orders in a short period of time because they have large quantities of raw materials in stock.

Customize your hair extensions

Hair manufacturers have a lot of advantages in terms of quality, price,… but their main function is production, so they won’t pay much attention to customer service.

Raw Vietnamese hair vendors who are commercial intermediaries

Trading companies are organizations that purchase hair from raw hair manufacturers and resell it to consumers. They serve as middlemen between the manufacturer and the consumers.

Pros of buying hair from commercial companies: In contrast, purchasing hair from commercial companies will be more expensive due to the fact that they are intermediaries, and hair quality is inconsistent because they need to purchase hair from various companies. However, their customer service will be more professional.


Vin Hair vendor is the top 1 of Vietnamese hair vendor

Each type of raw Vietnamese hair vendor will meet your different requirements. If you need wholesale hair, the hair factory will be more suitable but if you want to buy retail, a commercial company will be more suitable.

The advantage of raw Vietnamese hair vendors compared to other raw hair vendors in the world

International customers pay close attention to Vietnamese raw hair vendors and decide to choose them among numerous hair vendors out there because they supply hair with transparent origin and of high quality, numerous choices of products, and offer competitive prices. Moreover, when buying hair from Vietnam, customers will face less risk than buying from many other countries due to economic and political factors.

Raw Vietnamese hair vendors supply hair of clear origin

Raw Vietnamese hair vendors source their raw materials from rural areas and mountainous regions in the north of Vietnam, where women grow long hair and donate their healthy hair. The source of raw materials is abundant so the customers do not need to be worried about buying mixed origin hair.


Raw Vietnamese hair vendors supply 100% Vietnamese human hair

Raw Vietnamese hair vendors supply hair of high quality

Raw Vietnamese hair is considered of high quality thanks to its beautiful texture, healthy hair and exceptional durability.

  • Raw Vietnamese hair remains the beautiful texture of Vietnamese hair because it has not been damaged by any treatment. The hair is black, silky, soft and shiny. You can not find any hair type that is as soft and smooth as raw Vietnamese hair.

  • Raw Vietnamese hair, whether dyed, heat treated or styled, still retains good quality. The hair cuticles of Vietnamese raw hair remain intact and aligned, customers can style and color the hair as their demand without worrying about damaging it. Raw Vietnamese hair can be created into many textures from straight to wavy, deep curly hair and bleached into the lightest tones of 613 color.
  • Raw hair supplied by raw Vietnamese hair vendors has exceptional durability. Vietnamese raw hair products usually last up to 5 years without shedding or tangling.

With the outstanding hair characteristics mentioned above, it’s no surprise that customers with high requirements for quality will choose Vietnamese raw hair vendors.


Raw Vietnamese hair vendors supply hair of high quality with beautiful texture

Raw Vietnamese hair vendors supply numerous choices of products in large quantities

Raw hair factories in Vietnam have 150 years of experience in hair production, so they can provide raw hair in a wide selection of types (bulk hair bundles, hair weft, closures & frontals, clip-ins, tape-ins, and tip-ins), textures, and lengths,…

Moreover, raw Vietnamese hair vendors can provide large quantities of hair in a short time due to the abundant supply of raw materials, suitable for customers who want to buy wholesale.


Hair extensions with high-quality

Buying from raw Vietnamese hair vendors is convenient and less risky

Buying hair from Vietnamese raw hair vendors is convenient and less risky than buying hair from other countries thanks to economic development policies and the stable political situation of Vietnam.

  • Buying from raw Vietnamese hair vendors is simple and convenient: Vietnam has policies to promote exports, making it easier to export raw hair abroad. Moreover, raw vietnamese hair wholesale vendors have separate shipping lines to many world markets, so the shipping is very fast and convenient.
  • Purchasing hair from raw hair vendors in Vietnam is less risky: Vietnam has a stable political situation, so customers do not need to worry about the loss of goods or goods confiscated by customs.

List orders from customer of Vin Hair vendor

Due to the simple and convenient order process and low risk, many international customers have chosen to import raw hair from Vietnamese hair vendors.

Raw Vietnamese hair vendors offer competitive prices

The price of raw Vietnamese hair is about $10 for a bundle of 100g 8 inches. This is not the cheapest price but is the most competitive price in the hair market and the quality is worth it. Raw Vietnamese hair vendors can supply hair at competitive prices thanks to abundant hair supply and low labor cost in this country.

Some tips to find dependable raw Vietnamese hair vendors

Raw Vietnamese hair is fantastic, but not all of Vietnamese raw hair vendors can ensure that you will receive high-quality hair. Below, you will find a list of suggestions for locating the most reputable raw hair vendors in Vietnam.

Locate reputable raw Vietnamese hair vendors using the conventional method

Through trade fairs and seminars, you can locate reliable raw Vietnamese hair vendors. Alternatively, you can ask your relatives and friends in Vietnam for assistance to visit trustworthy hair companies using information from search engines, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, or personal recommendations.

Identify reputable raw Vietnamese hair vendors online

Internet-based current technology is the second method for locating a respectable raw hair vendor in Vietnam. By using the Internet, you can get a list of Vietnamese raw hair vendors and locate reputable ones by carefully checking their website, address, online presence, products, policies, etc.

  • Check the address of the Vietnamese raw hair vendors: reliable raw hair vendors must have a real address which is verifiable on Google maps.
  • Examine the hair products’ photos: only trust the hair vendors who have real photos and videos of the products. Avoid those with too-perfect or too-good-to-be-true photos because they may be scammers.

Vin Hair vendor products

  • Check the website of the raw Vietnamese hair vendors: reliable hair vendors should have professional websites with public information about business, contact, products, and policies, etc.
  • Examine numerous online presences of the hair vendors: choose ones who have numerous online presences like Instagram, Facebook or Youtube account through which you can contact them because unreputable hair vendors may block you after you make payment.
  • Check the price offered by the Vietnamese hair vendor of raw hair: You need to do a research on the average price in the current hair market and compare it with the price offered by the hair vendor. Avoid those with too low prices because the quality always goes hand in hand with the pricing.

Hair sample from customer of VIn Hair vendor

  • Ask for a video call with the hair vendor: Choose the hair vendors who are always to make a video call with you to answer any enquiry and show you their products.
  • Examine the policies of the hair vendors: reliable raw Vietnamese hair vendors will accept your exchanges and returns because they are confident in their working process and hair quality.

With the tips mentioned above, you can locate a reliable Vietnamese raw hair vendor that best meets all of your requirements.

Tips to check the quality of hair supplied by raw Vietnamese hair vendors

Besides checking the hair through video calls, you can ask the hair vendors for sample products or buy in small quantities first to check the quality of the hair they supply. You can check to observe, touching, and smelling it:

  • Observing the hair: Observe the uniformity of length, texture and color between hairs. High-quality hair will have a great deal of similarity between the strands.
  • Touching the hair: By touching the hair you will determine the texture of the hair. Since the cuticles of raw hair are intact and aligned, you will see smooth and soft hair instead of rough and coarse hair.
  • Stroking the hair: By stroking the hair from top to down, you can determine whether the hair will fall out easily or not.
  • Smelling the hair: This way you can check if the raw Vietnamese hair vendor has treated the hair with chemicals or not. Raw Vietnamese hair has not been chemically treated, so it will have a light smell of conditioner. If your hair has an unpleasant or pungent odor, it may have been exposed to chemicals.

Contact Vin Hair vendor for the best deal

The above methods do not only apply to raw hair, but also apply to many different hair types and will help you reduce the risk of buying poor quality hair.


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