Raw Vietnamese hair is among the best hair types in the world

Customers around the world pay close attention to raw Vietnamese hair due to its beautiful appearance, high quality and affordable pricing. These outstanding characteristics are clarified below with top the best places to buy Vietnamese raw hair.

Top the best suppliers of raw Vietnamese hair

To save your time and minimize risks as much as possible, we have collected the top 5 best raw hair Vietnam suppliers. These suppliers are recommended in numerous raw Vietnamese hair reviews.

Vin Hair Factory – one of the best raw Vietnamese hair suppliers

Vin Hair Factory is one of the best Vietnamese raw hair suppliers, which is able to meet all of your requirements and outperforms all other companies in every respect.


Vin Hair Factory is top best Vietnamese hair factory

  • Vin Hair Factory offers raw hair Vietnam manufactured from human hair Vietnam of the greatest quality. Products are available in various lengths, types (hair bulk, weft, closures & frontals, hair extensions like clip-ins, tape-ins, and tip-ins, etc), and textures (from straight to wavy, curly hair),…
  • Vin Hair Factory has a plant-based in Bac Ninh and headquarters in Hanoi, Vietnam. Therefore, they are one of the best suppliers of raw Vietnamese hair that can provide wholesale hair at factory prices.

Hair products from Vin Hair factory

  • Vin Hair Factory’s prices are extremely competitive. A 100g bundle of straight hair 8 inches costs from $8.8.
  • Vin Hair supports returns and exchanges within thirty days of receipt for defective or damaged hair, allowing customers to purchase with confidence.


  • Customers from all over the world compliment Vin Hair Factory as the top raw hair factory not only in Vietnam but also in the world for offering superior hair and excellent customer service.

Vin Hair Factory should be at the top of your list when searching for a reputable Vietnamese raw hair supplier.


Jen Hair – top the leading suppliers of raw Vietnamese hair

Since its founding in 1995, Jenhair has earned a reputation as among the earliest Vietnamese raw hair suppliers. Jen Hair began as a small hair shop and has now expanded to become one of the largest hair suppliers in Vietnam

  • Principal products: They offer an assortment of styled and coloured items, such as hair weft, raw bulk hair, closure & frontal,…
  • As among the largest facilities producing Vietnamese human hair, their pricing is really reasonable for items of such high quality.
  • Policy: Returns and exchanges are permitted under specific conditions.

You can come to Vin Hair factory for the best service

Jen Hair is regarded as among the best wholesalers of raw Vietnamese hair, where customers can reliably purchase raw hair Vietnam in bulk.

AZ Hair – among the best places to buy high-quality raw Vietnamese hair

AZ Hair is famous for supplying Vietnamese raw hair of superior quality and affordable price.

  • Primarily, they sell bulk hair, hair weft, closure & frontal. Their weft hair is widely recognised for their superior quality.
  • Approximately $11.8 per 100g 8-inch bundle of straight hair is a very competitive price.
  • Policy: AZ Hair accepts exchanges and returns within 3 days of receipt.

Customers praise Az hair as the foremost suppliers of raw Vietnamese hair, for its superior service and quality.


Vin Hair factory supply hair extensions with high quality

Mic Hair – one of the most reputable raw Vietnamese hair suppliers

Mic Hair is regarded as one of the best wholesale suppliers of Vietnamese raw hair since they have over ten years of experience in the industry.

  • Principal products: they sell primarily raw hair bulk bundles, hair weft in numerous choices of textures and lengths.
  • Regarding raw Vietnamese hair reviews, customers are very interested in Mic Hair’s weft hair.
  • Price: pretty reasonable. Hair bulk bundles cost from $7.7 per 100g 8-inch bundle.
  • Except for special purchases, Mic Hair accepts exchanges and returns within 30 days after delivery.

Mic Hair obtains instantaneous positive feedback from people globally. Customers concur that it is one of the leading suppliers of raw hair Vietnam.

5S Hair – A dependable supplier of raw Vietnamese hair

5S Hair is the best option for individuals in need of Vietnamese raw hair of superior quality.

  • Products: With the exception of wigs, many types of hair products are provided. Their most popular item is hair weft.
  • Price: among the most affordable on the Vietnam hair market. A 100-gram, 8-inch raw hair bundle costs $8.80.
Vin Hair Factory products

Hair extensions from Vin Hair factory made from 100% human hair

  • Under specific conditions, 5S Hair permits returns and exchanges if claims are received within two days after delivery.
  • Raw hair Vietnam reviews from customers: 5S Hair’s quality and service are continually acknowledged by customers. Nevertheless, buyers continue to complain about shipping delays.

The definition of raw Vietnamese hair

Vietnamese raw hair is defined as high-quality Vietnamese human unprocessed hair or hair that has not gone through any treatment like heat, steam, or chemical treatments. Therefore, the hair remains in good condition with intact and aligned cuticles.

The advantages of raw Vietnamese hair compared to other hair types in the world

There are many factors that make raw Vietnamese hair stand out among the countless raw hair types in the world, but the main ones are its clear origin, outstanding quality, and competitive prices.

Raw Vietnamese hair is of clear and transparent origin

Raw Vietnamese hair is made of raw materials collected from Vietnamese women living in mountainous regions and rural areas of Vietnam. Women here grow and donate their long healthy hair. The raw materials are abundant so customers do not need to be worried about buying mixed-origin hair.

Unlike raw Vietnamese hair, currently on the hair market, there are many types of raw hair of unknown origin, which can be hair of the dead or hair loss (hair loss) collected from many different areas. Therefore, consumers are concerned about the origin of the product and appreciate Vietnamese hair because it has a clear origin.

Vin Hair Factory products

Hair extensions from Vin Hair Factory can last for a long time

Raw Vietnamese hair has a beautiful texture, healthy cuticles, and great durability

Vietnamese raw hair is recognized as of great quality because of its gorgeous texture, healthy cuticles and exceptional endurance.

  • Raw hair Vietnam retains the lustrous texture of natural Vietnamese human hair because it hasn’t been subjected to any form of processing. The hair is dark, silky, shiny, and soft. There is no other hair kind as smooth and soft as raw Vietnamese hair.

  • Vietnamese raw hair, regardless of whether it has been colored, heated, or groomed, retains its intact and aligned cuticles. Clients can color and style their hair without fear of damaging it. Raw hair Vietnam can be styled into a variety of textures, including straight, loose wavy, deep wavy, and deeply curled hair, and colored in the lightest shades of 613.
  • Raw Vietnamese hair has extraordinary endurance. That is an outstanding feature of Vietnamese raw hair making many customers want to know how to import hair from Vietnam. Typically, Vietnamese raw hair products last up to five years without tangling or shedding.

Given the aforementioned features of raw hair Vietnam, it is not surprising that clients with stringent quality standards will pick Vietnamese raw hair sellers.


Raw Vietnamese hair has a beautiful texture, healthy cuticles, and great durability

Raw Vietnamese hair can be supplied in large quantities

Vietnamese hair has an abundant supply of raw materials, so raw Vietnamese hair can be supplied in large quantities in a short period of time, which is very suitable for hair wholesalers from all over the world.

Raw Vietnamese hair is of affordable prices

A 100-gram, an 8-inch bundle of Vietnamese raw hair costs approximately $9 on average. This price is not the lowest but the most competitive in the world hair market, and hair quality justifies it. As a result of this country’s abundant supply of raw hair materials and low-cost labor, raw Vietnamese hair can be offered at an affordable price.

Buying raw Vietnamese hair is less risky and more convenient

Purchasing Vietnamese raw hair is less risky and more convenient than purchasing other raw hair types due to Vietnam’s economic integration policy and political stability.

  • Purchasing raw hair Vietnam is simple and convenient: Vietnam’s export-friendly rules facilitate the export of raw hair from Vietnam abroad. In addition, many raw Vietnamese hair wholesalers have their own shipping lines to a variety of international markets, so the shipment is quick and convenient.
  • Buying Vietnamese raw hair is low-risk: Vietnam’s political situation is stable, therefore clients don’t need to be worried about goods being lost or held by customs when purchasing raw hair Vietnam.

Many overseas clients have opted to acquire raw Vietnamese hair due to the straightforward, convenient and low-risk ordering procedure.

The most popular raw Vietnamese hair products

Below are the top 2 most popular Vietnamese raw hair products which attract close attention from hair wholesalers around the world.

Raw Vietnamese hair bulk – one of the best-selling products


High-quality hair bulk from Vin Hair factory

Vietnamese raw hair bulk is very popular in the international market because of its high quality and economic efficiency it brings to hair wholesalers.

  • Raw hair bulk is a form of raw Vietnamese hair bundles. To produce this type of product, Vietnamese hair is collected, sorted, cleaned, and then bundled into bundles.
  • Vietnamese raw hair bulk is of high quality. Hair factories around the world often import raw Vietnamese bulk hair and style or dye any color at the request of customers without fear of dry or damaged hair.

  • Raw Vietnamese hair bulk is extremely popular in several of the world’s largest hair markets, including the African, European, and US-UK markets. It is most popular in the European and American markets, where hair wholesalers prefer high-quality original hair to freely manufacture products tailored to their customers’ tastes from this hair.

If you are searching for the purest and unprocessed hair on the global hair market, raw hair Vietnam – bulk hair can be one of your best options.


Raw Vietnamese hair bulk – one of the best-selling products

Raw Vietnamese hair weft – top 1 most popular raw Vietnamese hair products

On the global hair market, Vietnamese raw hair weft is another popular product that distinguishes itself from hair weft of other countries in the world.

  • Raw hair weft in Vietnam is produced by sewing the hair strands into a fine cloth and is usually used by attaching or stitching onto real hair.
  • Raw Vietnamese hair weft is soft, smooth, and shiny. In addition, because the product was created by professional and experienced artisans, it is durable and highly solid, and the hair do not fall out easily.


  • African hair wholesalers adore this merchandise because of its convenience and reasonable price. Instead of buying Vietnamese hair wigs at a higher priceAfrican clients often combine Vietnamese raw hair weft with a closure or frontal to save cost. These customers’ hair is often short so they need products that both lengthen and add volume, so hair weft products are more suitable than hair extensions.


    Hair weft from Vin Hair Factory

Raw hair weft is in high demand due to its affordability and convenience. Do not skip this hair type if you are a wholesaler and want to find a quality product that still brings high economic efficiency.

Overview of raw Vietnamese hair factory

Vietnamese raw hair factories are very famous in the world for providing quality products and reasonable prices. Although they are not large in scale, thanks to their skilled workers and abundant raw material supply, they are able to supply sophisticated products in large quantities.

  • Production scale: there are about 30-40 raw Vietnamese hair factories in Vietnam, the majority of them are household scale with about 40-100 workers.

Vin Hair Factory provides diverse products

  • Processing technique: There are hair stages that are processed by machines combined with manual processes by highly skilled workers. Currently, Vietnamese raw hair factories are also very focused on investing in modern advanced machinery and equipment to shorten production time.
  • Production capacity: Raw hair factories in Vietnam offer a wide variety of hair types, a wide variety of textures and lengths and can supply large quantities of hair thanks to the abundant raw materials.

Sales team of Vin Hair Factory can help you choosing the suitable hair extensions

It can be seen that raw hair factories in Vietnam are really suitable for those who are looking for wholesale sources of quality raw hair and bring high economic efficiency.

Some tips to buy high-quality raw Vietnamese hair

To buy high-quality Vietnamese raw hair, you need to find a reputable hair supplier and know how to determine hair quality.

Finding reputable raw Vietnamese hair suppliers

You can find suppliers of raw hair Vietnam through the Ministry of Industry and Trade, trade fairs, through the recommendations of friends, relatives, and colleagues, or online. For searching online, you need to know some of the following tips to determine the credibility of the supplier:

  • Verify the suppliers’ addresses: reputable raw Vietnamese hair suppliers need to have a physical address that can be verified using Google Maps.
  • Examine the images of the hair; only choose the hair suppliers with actual videos and photos of their hair. Those with too perfect images may be con artists.
  • Check the website of the suppliers of Vietnamese raw hair: reputable hair suppliers must have professional websites where they publish information about their business, products, policies, contact, etc.

  • Examine the several internet presences of raw Vietnamese hair suppliers; choose those with multiple online presences, such as a Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram account, via which you can reach them in case untrustworthy hair suppliers block you after receiving your deposit.

You should check the quality before buying hair extensions

  • Examine the price of raw hair Vietnam suppliers: compare the price of raw Vietnamese hair suppliers to the typical price on the current hair market. Avoid those offering excessively cheap prices, as quality and pricing are inextricably linked.
  • Request a video chat with hair suppliers: Choose hair suppliers that are always willing to video call you and answer any questions and demonstrate their products.
  • Examine the suppliers’ policy: you should choose raw Vietnamese hair suppliers who accept returns and exchanges to avoid risk.

Bone straight hair from Vin Hair factory

Using the aforementioned suggestions, you can choose a dependable Vietnamese raw hair supplier where you can buy high quality Vietnamese raw hair.

Determining the quality of raw Vietnamese hair

In addition to examining the hair quality via video call, request sample products from the hair suppliers or buy small orders first to determine the hair quality. You can verify its authenticity by observing, smelling and touching the hair:


One of the best products from Vin Hair

  • Observe the consistency of length, color and texture among the hair strands. The strands of high-quality hair will be extremely identical to one another.
  • Touching the hair to determine its texture. Since raw Vietnamese hair has intact and aligned cuticles, the hair will be silky and soft as opposed to coarse.

  • By stroking hair bundles top to down, you may assess whether or not the hair will fall out readily.
  • By smelling the hair, you can determine whether or not the hair has been treated with chemicals. Raw Vietnamese hair has a faint scent of conditioner since it hasn’t been chemically processed. Your hair may have been subjected to chemicals if it emits a pungent and unpleasant smell.

The aforementioned techniques apply not only to Vietnamese raw hair, but also to a variety of other hair types, and they will help you avoid purchasing low-quality hair.

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