Facts about raw hair factory in the world and top picks

There are numerous raw hair factory available in the hair market but the largest and best ones mostly concentrate in China, Vietnam, and India. Below is the information about these factories regarding the origin and quality of hair they supplied, scale and pricing.

The greatest raw hair factory in the world

Below are the top raw hair factories from around the globe that are famous for supplying high-quality items at affordable costs.

Vin Hair Factory – Top 1 raw hair factory in Vietnam

Vin Hair Factory is well recognized as the premier raw hair manufacturer in Vietnam supplying premium Vietnamese raw hair.


Vin Hair Factory – Top 1 raw hair factory in Vietnam

The expansive manufacturing facilities at Vin Hair Factory enable us to manufacture hair on our own and fulfill bulk orders. Our primary goods are hair weft, hair bulk, closure & frontal, and hair extensions from 100% raw hair. Customers from all around the world have praised Vin Hair Factory’s Vietnam raw hair products.


Vin Hair Factory supplies numerous raw hair products

Contact Ms. Gift via Whatsapp at +84904895622 for numerous discounts:

  • Discount of $5/kg for orders of 1-4,9 kg;
  • Discount of $15/kg for orders of 5-9,9 kg;
  • Discount of $25-$30/kg for orders of 10 kg or more.

This raw hair factory offers the most affordable prices in the hair industry. The wholesale cost for 1 kilogram of raw hair begins at $88.
Visit Vin Hair Factory for professional and very satisfying customer service!

Ted Hair – the top Chinese raw hair factory

Ted Hair has been recognized as among the greatest raw hair factory in China as well as in the world since its foundation in 2008.


Compare to Chinese hair – Vietnamese hair have high quality

  • Their primary goods are weft hair, bulk hair, and hair wigs in a wide variety of lengths, textures, and colors. On the global hair market, hair wigs from Ted Hair are immensely popular.
  • Compared to other raw hair factories in China, Ted Hair’s prices are on the higher end, beginning at $15 per 100g
  • Policy: Ted Hair accepts returns and exchanges if the claims are filed within seven days of receipt.

Ted Hair’s Guangzhou-based plant supplies an enormous quantity of hair to the world hair market each year. There is no need to go further for the greatest China raw hair factory

Adorable Hair – the most reputable raw hair factory in India

Adorable Hair is considered the most reputable raw hair enterprises in India

  • Products consist of raw bulk hair, hair weft as well as wigs and hair extensions.
  • The price of Adorable Hair is quite competitive, beginning at $70 for 100g of raw hair 10 inches.
  • Policy: refunds and exchanges are allowed under specific conditions.

Adorable Hair is a great choice of raw hair factory for customers who value inexpensive pricing and do not place a premium on quality.


Hair extensions from Vin Hair have reasonable price and live for long-lasting

Mic Hair – a renowned Vietnamese raw hair factory

Mic Hair is recognised as one of the leading raw hair manufacturers in Vietnam due to long experience in the hair industry.

  • Its primary products are raw bulk hair, weft hair, closures, and frontals, with hair weft being its best-selling item.
  • The price is relatively pricey, with $12.9 for a bundle of 100g raw hair.
  • Policy: they accept returns and exchanges.

Mic Hair is a good option for those with high requirements for high quality hair.

UNice Hair – the greatest raw hair factory in China

With 15 years of experience in the hair industry, Unice Hair is the premier raw hair factory in China.

  • Unice Hair is renowned all over the world for its numerous choices of stunning hair wigs.
  • Price: In the high segment in the Chinese hair market but the quality will be worth the investment
  • Policy; return and exchange are accepted.

You can receive high quality with the worth choice from Vin Hair factory products

UNice Hair is an excellent raw hair manufacturer to consider if you’re looking for Chinese hair of superior quality at affordable pricing.

Some methods to locate reliable raw hair factory

You can locate the top raw hair factories in the world through the following ways:

  • Online: Baidu, Bing, and Google, among other search engines, can assist you in locating the top raw hair factory. Choose the factories appearing at the top search results because they are highly reputable. Select one with a professional website, real photos of products, and factory, and is willing to video call you to show you their factory.
  • You may locate the top raw hair manufacturer on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Etsy, Alibaba and AliExpress among other sites. Frequently, these websites offer policies that protect the benefits of customers.
  • Through hair forums or social media: for instance, when you post in order to locate a reliable raw hair factory, numerous merchants may approach you; so you can choose the best one.
  • Participating in trade fairs: Here, you may directly examine the items to select the greatest raw hair factories.

Via the suggestions of your networks like your friends, relatives, business partners, you can find the greatest raw hair enterprises. When a raw hair factory is suggested, it demonstrates their exceptional reputation.

Must-know things about raw hair factory

There are some facts you need to know before choosing a raw hair manufacturer for a long-term business.

  • Raw hair enterprises are businesses that have their own facility with plants, equipment, and workers to produce hair. They directly produce hair and distribute it to trade intermediaries, hair wholesalers, and end users around the world. Therefore, buying at a raw hair factory will result in better pricing and more stable quality than buying from commercial intermediaries.
  • Raw hair supplied by raw hair factory is hair that has not gone through chemical treatments. However, today, many factories still use chemicals in the production of hair to make hair more beautiful and shiny but deceive customers as raw hair. Therefore, choosing a reputable raw hair factory is essential.
  • Currently, Brazilians and Peruvians hardly sell their hair anymore, so products labeled raw Brazilian hair or raw Peruvian hair are just marketing ploys, you should be careful with companies that sell these types of hair.

Raw Vietnamese hair from Vin Hair factory

  • Currently, because the supply does not meet the demand for production and consumption, many hair companies sell raw hair imported from other countries of unknown origin. So if you don’t want to buy raw hair of unknown origin, you need to choose a reputable hair factory or a raw hair factory in a country with an abundant source of raw materials.

In general, choosing a reputable hair supplier is the most essential thing so that you can buy raw hair of clear origin and high quality. Go to the following sections to see where you can choose a reputable raw hair manufacturer and top recommendations.

Some places where you can find the greatest raw hair factory

There are numerous raw hair factories throughout the world, but Vietnam, China and India are home to the top raw hair enterprises.

China – Home to the largest raw hair factory

Raw hair factories in China are the largest and among the most prominent in the worldwide hair industry.


China import raw hair from Vietnam

  • Hair origin: Due to the restricted and inadequate raw hair supply locally, the raw hair factory in China regularly imports raw hair materials from other countries like India, Pakistan, Vietnam and Malaysia, among others.
  • Production scale: raw hair manufacturers in China operate on a huge scale with the most advanced machinery. They can now utilize chemicals to change dry and frizzy hair into smooth hair. Modern technology enables Chinese raw hair factory to supply vast volumes of hair in a short period of time.

Vietnamese hair from Vin Hair factory is known for versality and durability

  • Hair quality supplied by raw hair enterprises in China: due to their importing hair from different sources so the hair quality is not even stable. Moreover, the use of chemicals in the processing procedure of Chinese raw hair enterprises can damage and weaken the hair, making the hair easy to shed and tangle.
  • Price: In general, hair factories in China offers low-priced raw hair items, averaging roughly $10 per bundle of 100g 8-inch straight hair. Yet, if you require high quality, the price can be up to $20.

Raw hair factories in China will be suitable for those who are searching for a source of large quantities of hair and numerous choices of products.

Vietnam – Home to high-quality raw hair factory

Consumers from all around the world are attracted to raw hair manufacturers in Vietnam due to the high-quality hair they supply.

  • Hair origin: raw hair factories in Vietnam get their raw hair materials domestically, primarily from mountainous regions and rural areas of the country. The hair is 100% Vietnamese human hair, sourced directly from donors, with no mixed, no synthetic, or blended hair.
  • The production scale of raw hair factory in Vietnam: The majority of raw hair factories in Vietnam are domestic or small-scale, but are equipped with sophisticated technology and machinery to match production demands. The workers in Vietnamese raw hair factories are all people with long experience in the hair industry. Some of the hair processing is done by hand to ensure the finest care and quality. Due to the abundant supply of raw hair materials in stock, raw hair enterprises in Vietnam can supply bulk orders rapidly.

The process making hair extensions

  • Hair quality: raw hair factory in Vietnam use top-notch quality and chemical-free natural Vietnamese hair as raw materials which are soft, thick, smooth, shiny, and durable by nature. Hair products retain all these characteristics. The most remarkable characteristic must be exceptional durability. Well-cared-for raw hair from Vietnamese raw hair factories can last up to 5 years.
  • Price: Due to the abundance of raw hair materials with cheap local labor costs, raw hair enterprises in Vietnam are able to supply hair at competitive pricing compared to the worldwide market, with the average price for a bundle pff 100g 8 inches of hair starting at $8. This price is not the cheapest on the market but due to the high quality of hair that the customer receives, it is considered the most competitive price.

Raw hair enterprises in Vietnam will be a suitable choice for those who are searching for a reliable source of raw hair of clear origin, high quality, and affordable pricing.


Raw hair factories in Vietnam

India – where raw hair factory supplies low-cost hair

In addition to the raw hair factories in China and Vietnam, raw hair factories in India garner a great deal of global client interest.

  • Hair origin: Indian raw hair manufacturers obtain local raw materials, mainly temple hair (collected from temples where Indians undergo shaving rituals) and hairballs (hair trash or non-remy hair gathered from floors, bathrooms, sewers,..). Hairballs are usually processed for export to Chinese hair factories.
  • Production scale: The majority of Indian raw hair factories are small-scale operations with primitive machinery. Due to the vast domestic raw hair supply, raw hair factory in India can supply large quantities of hair. However, due to rudimentary machinery and unskilled workers, raw hair factories in India have difficulties making sophisticated products and lead times can be lengthy.
  • Hair quality: Temple hair produced by raw hair enterprises in India is robust to be styled and colored, but it’s coarse, thin, and slightly curly by nature, resulting in difficulties in straightening and restyling it. Hairballs, meanwhile, are of poor quality because it is non-remy hair and loses their cuticles.

If you want to get high quality hair, you can come Vin Hair Factory

  • Price: Due to cheap raw materials and low-cost labor, raw hair factory in India is able to offer the most economical items on the world hair market, beginning at $6-$7 for a bundle of 100g 8 inches of straight hair.

In conclusion, raw hair factories from various nations will target distinct customer segments. Raw hair factory in Vietnam will meet the demand for affordable and high-quality hair, whereas raw hair factories in China will meet the requirement of large quantity of hair and product diversity, and Indian raw hair manufacturers will cater to clients whose top focus is price.

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