Buy Vietnamese hair wigs to increase your reputability and benefits

Vietnam hair wigs are so sought after in the hair market thanks to high-quality hair and affordable pricing. Below are the outstanding characteristics of Vietnamese hair wigs and the top reliable places to buy Vietnam hair wigs.

Overview of Vietnamese hair wigs

Vietnamese hair wigs are made from 100% raw Vietnamese human hair of high quality. Similar to conventional wigs, the hair weave, with a closure or a frontal is sewn into the lace to make a complete wig.

Vietnamese hair factories usually do not have complete hair wigs available but only hair wefts, closures & frontals and only make wigs by pre-order.

The outstanding characteristics of Vietnamese hair wigs

Vietnam hair wigs retain all the outstanding characteristics of Vietnamese hair so it has a beautiful texture, exceptional durability, and affordability.

  • Vietnamese wigs have a soft, smooth, and shiny texture because they are created from Vietnamese hair, which has a great texture by nature thanks to the mild climate and natural human hair characteristics of the Vietnamese people.
  • Vietnamese hair wigs have healthy cuticles and exceptional durability because Vietnamese women take care of their hair using natural substances, protect it from chemical exposure, and maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to have healthy, strong hair. Vietnamese human hair wigs’ cuticles are kept intact and aligned.
  • In addition, Vietnamese hair wigs are very affordable in comparison to the global hair market thanks to the abundant supply of raw hair materials and low-cost labor. At the same price, Vietnam hair wigs are of superior quality when compared with hair wigs from other countries in the world.

Attractive textures, great durability, and affordability distinguish Vietnamese wigs from the other varieties of hair wigs available worldwide. Choose Vietnamese human hair wigs for both increasing your profits and reputation.


Vietnamese hair wig has a beautiful texture, exceptional durability, and affordability.

The market for Vietnamese hair wigs

The most prominent markets for Vietnam hair wigs are the African, Latin American, and African markets. This is due to the fact that Vietnam hair wigs can suit the varied needs of clients in each market.

  • Vietnamese hair wigs are particularly sought after in African countries because they come in a variety of textures (such as straight, loose wavy, body wavy, pixie curly, kinky curly, etc.) and colors (such as burgundy, piano, ombre, etc.) that are fashionable here. However, African consumers typically purchase hair weaves with frontals or closures from hair manufacturers in Vietnam and have some hair salons make wigs from these products because this way is less expensive than buying a complete wig.
  • European buyers favor Vietnamese hair wigs due to their affordable pricing and great quality. In addition, hair manufacturers in Vietnam can provide hair in the favorite color of European customers, such as blonde color 613.
  • Latin American customers adore Vietnamese wigs thanks to the curly and wavy textures of Vietnamese human hair wigs are extremely silky, smooth, and shiny, keep styles for an extended period of time, and complement their real hair.

Vietnamese hair wigs attract the attention of various clients from many regions worldwide, including Africa, Latin America, and Europe due to their varied styles, great quality, and affordable costs. Vietnamese hair wigs and Chinese hair wigs are the most sought-after hair types on the world market. However, when making a comparison between Vietnamese hair vs Chinese hair, customers with high requirements for hair quality and durability will choose Vietnamese hair wigs.

Some tips for determining the quality of Vietnamese hair wigs

Vietnam hair wigs are recognized for their superior craftsmanship. Nevertheless, not all hair suppliers in Vietnam are reliable and supply Vietnamese wigs of high quality. Check for shedding, color, lace, and length while selecting the best Vietnamese wigs using the following guidelines:

  • To determine whether the hair strands of Vietnamese hair wigs are prone to shedding: Request that the salesperson stroke, brush or comb the top of the wig to down to determine if the hair falls out or not.
  • With colored Vietnamese human hair wigs: by hands to determine if any color remains on the hands. If so, the dye is of low quality, and hair color may disappear rapidly.
  • Inspect the lace: You must examine the lace of Vietnamese hair wigs carefully to determine if it is torn or punctured.
  • Examine hair length: Check the wig’s length with care. Determine if the length of the longest section meets your specifications.
  • Check if the hair has been exposed to chemicals through the smell. If the wigs have a strong and pungent smell, it is likely that the wigs have been treated with chemicals.

These suggestions are beneficial for evaluating the quality of Vietnamese hair wigs initially, but the most accurate assessment may be made after a period of use. Thus, you must combine this with the selection of a respected factory. Go to the following section for reputable suppliers of Vietnam hair wigs.


Stroke the hair top to down to examine hair loss

Some recommended suppliers of Vietnamese hair wigs

There are a few hair suppliers in Vietnam which have wigs available, the majority make customized wigs for pre-order or sell hair weaves with closure and frontal. To save you time and effort searching, we have compiled some of the most reputable hair suppliers in Vietnam who provide both Vietnamese hair wigs and hair weaves with closure/frontal.

Vin Hair Factory – Top 1 best suppliers of Vietnamese hair wigs

Vin Hair Factory is among the leading hair factory in Vietnam and very popular supplier with hair wholesalers around the world thanks to high-quality hair and competitive pricing.

  • Products: Vin Hair Factory is a hair factory in Vietnam supplying Vietnamese hair wigs, hair weaves with closure & frontal, and hair extensions made of 100% Vietnamese human hair. We have our own plant to produce hair so the hair is always new and fresh and the leading time is short.
  • Price: is very affordable. A hair weft bundle only costs $8.8 and closure/frontal costs from $25.
  • Policy: exchanges and returns are accepted within 30 days of receipt.

Come to Vin Hair Factory for high-quality Vietnamese wigs. Contact Whatsapp +84904895622 for more information and discounts.

Mic Hair – one of the best suppliers of Vietnamese hair wigs

Mic Hair is a renowned manufacturer of Vietnam hair wigs and among the leading hair suppliers in Vietnam.

  • There are numerous options like Vietnamese hair wigs, weft hair, hair bulk, closure and frontal, among others.
  • Price: is reasonable, from $7.7 per hair bulk bundle and $12.90 per bundle off other hair types.
  • Policy: exchanges and returns are accepted within 30 days of receipt.

Mic Hair is among the best choices to work with if you have high standards for the hair quality and customer service.

Cyhair – One of the greatest Vietnamese hair wigs suppliers

Cyhair is among the leading providers of high-quality Vietnamese hair and has a global customer base that is vast and dedicated.

  • Main products: Items comprise bulk hair, hair weft, closure & frontal, and hair extensions in many choices of lengths, colors, and textures.
  • Price: quite high. Raw Vietnamese hair costs between 561.75 and 123.5 USD per kilogram ( length from 16 inches – 32 inches)
  • Policy: exchanges and returns are accepted within 15 days of receipt.

Cyhair is a dependable source of high-quality Vietnamese hair wigs and one of the leading Vietnamese hair suppliers.

5S Hair – Leading Vietnamese hair manufacturers offering Vietnamese hair wigs

If you are seeking good quality Vietnamese hair products, 5S Hair is the best option because it can meet all of your needs.

  • Main products: hair wefts, hair extensions like tape-ins, clip-ins and tip-ins made from 100% human hair Vietnam.
  • Price: The hair is priced very competitively, beginning at $9 per raw Vietnamese hair bundle.
  • Policy: exchanges and returns are accepted within 2 days of receipt.

You may get Vietnamese hair wigs from 5S Hair Vietnam with great confidence in their superior quality and affordable pricing.

MCSARA – One of the best hair factories to buy Vietnamese hair wigs

MCSARA was founded more than ten years ago and is now widely acknowledged as a leading provider of affordable and good quality Vietnamese human hair wigs.

  • Principal items include hair extensions like tape-ins, clip-ins, and tip-ins, weft hair, and Vietnamese hair wigs.
  • Price: reasonable pricing, beginning at $9.8 per 100g 8-inch bundle of straight hair.
  • Policy: exchanges and returns are accepted at no cost within seven days after receipt.

AZ Hair – One of the most reliable suppliers of Vietnamese hair wigs

AZ Hair is one of the most trustworthy suppliers of Vietnam hair wigs with more than 10 years of experience in the hair industry.

  • Items offered include bulk hair, hair weft, tape-ins, clip-ins, tip-ins, closures and frontals.
  • Price: starting at $11.4 per bundle of natural straight bulk hair.
  • Policy: exchanges and returns are accepted if the requests are submitted within 3 days of receipt.

With their reasonable prices and high-quality products, AZ Hair is a perfect alternative for those seeking Vietnamese hair wigs.

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