Vietnamese hair wholesale helps you achieve economic efficiency

Vietnamese hair wholesale is renowned in the world hair market for its exceptional quality and affordable rates. Learn about the outstanding characteristics that make wholesale Vietnamese hair so popular on the international market, and top reputable hair wholesalers in Vietnam.

Vietnamese hair wholesale is of high quality and brings great economic benefits

If you are hair wholesaler and are looking for products that are not only of high quality but also can generate huge benefits, wholesale Vietnamese hair is a suitable choice.


Natural hair extensions from Vin Hair Vietnamese wholesales

Vietnamese hair wholesale is of high quality

Vietnam hair wholesale attracts close attention from hair wholesalers all over the world by its clear origin, beautiful texture, healthy cuticles, and exceptional durability:

  • Wholesale Vietnamese hair products are made of high-quality raw materials with clear origin: The majority of the raw materials for Vietnamese hair wholesale are taken from women living in the mountainous and rural areas of Vietnam. These women have an average age between 18 and 35, live a healthy lifestyle, and donate their healthy hair.

Vin Hair provides 100% human hair with each hair extensions

  • Vietnamese hair wholesale is sought after for its beautiful texture: Vietnamese hair is soft, silky, and shiny by nature thanks to the mild climate, natural human characteristics, and hair care routine with herbs of Vietnamese people.
  • Wholesale Vietnamese hair has healthy cuticles which are intact and aligned so the hair can be styled and bleached well without being damaged. After being styled, the hair still remains in good condition, shedding-free, and tangling-free.
  • Vietnamese hair wholesale products have exceptional durability. The hair usually lasts up to 5 years without tangling or shedding.

With the above characteristics, it is not surprising that Vietnam hair wholesalers are sought after by many hair wholesalers around the world. Selling this type of hair helps increase their prestige with customers.

Vietnamese hair wholesale brings great economic benefits

The Vietnamese wholesale hair price is very competitive in the world market. At the same quality level, the wholesale price of Vietnamese hair is better than many other hair types in the world due to the premium and abundant raw hair supply and low production costs.

With the quality of Vietnamese hair, many customers are willing to pay a large sum of money to get such hair. This helps hair wholesalers to earn large profits from trading Vietnamese hair extensions wholesale, which is many times the initial investment. Besides, good quality and reasonable prices will make customers come back with the following orders. Since then hair wholesalers who trade wholesale Vietnamese hair will have loyal customers for themselves.

Top recommended Vietnamese hair wholesale vendors

To save you time and effort when searching for reliable Vietnamese hair wholesalers, below are some recommendations.

Vin Hair Factory – Top 1 best Vietnamese hair wholesalers


Vin Hair -The best Vietnamese hair wholesale

Vin Hair Factory is regarded as among the greatest suppliers of wholesale Vietnamese hair, which is able to fulfill the most demanding requirements for hair quality.

  • Vin Hair Factory supplies numerous hair products made of 100% high-quality Vietnamese human hair like hair weft, raw hair bulk. closures & frontals, hair extensions,…
  • We have our own hair factory based in Bac Ninh and our head office in Hanoi, Vietnam so they can supply Vietnamese wholesale hair at factory price.

Products from Vin Hair Factory

  • The prices at Vin Hair Factory are incredibly competitive. Vietnamese hair wholesale price for 1kg straight hair 8 inch only from $88.
  • Vin Hair accepts exchanges and returns for all of our faults within 30 days.
  • Customers worldwide have praised Vin Hair Factory for providing exceptional hair and superior customer service.
    Whatsapp: +84904895622

When seeking for a trusted hair wholesaler in Vietnam, Vin Hair Factory can be your first choice

Jen Hair – one of the best suppliers of Vietnamese hair wholesale

Since its inception in 1995, Jen Hair Vietnam has been recognised as one of the earliest Vietnamese hair wholesalers.

  • Main items include hair weft, bulk hair, closures & frontals, as well as a variety of styled and colored items.
  • Price: Their prices are extremely competitive.
  • Policy: Exchanges and returns are permitted, subject to certain circumstances.

Beside Jen Hair, you can choose Vin Hair products

Jen Hair is considered one of the greatest wholesalers of Vietnamese hair, from whom clients may purchase wholesale hair with confidence.

AZ Hair – top the best suppliers of Vietnamese hair wholesale

AZ Hair is renowned for providing wholesale Vietnamese hair of outstanding quality and reasonable cost.

  • This Vietnamese hair wholesaler sells primarily weft hair, closures and frontals. Its Vietnamese hair weft is renowned for its exceptional quality.
  • The pricing of a 100g bundle of straight hair 8 inches costs from $118.8, which is really competitive.
  • Policy: exchanges and returns are accepted within three days of delivery.

Consumers laud Az Hair as one of the leading suppliers of wholesale Vietnamese hair, praising its high quality and superior service.


High quality of Vin Hair Factory products

Mic Hair – top 1 most trustworthy Vietnamese hair wholesaler

Since Mic Hair has over 10 years of expertise in the market, Mic Hair is considered among the best Vietnamese wholesale hair suppliers.

  • The company primarily sells raw hair and weft hair in a variety of lengths and textures.
  • The price is affordable. Bulk hair start at $7.7 for a bundle of 100g, 8 inch/
  • Mic Hair accepts returns and exchanges within 30 days of delivery, excluding special orders.
  • Mic Hair receives positive reviews from customers worldwide. They agree that it is the leading wholesale hair supplier in Vietnam.

5S Hair – One of the most trustworthy Vietnamese hair wholesalers

5S Hair is an ideal alternative for those in search of high-quality Vietnamese hair wholesale

  • Products: Except for wigs, numerous hair products are available. Their most popular product is hair extensions.
  • Price: one of the most economical on the Vietnamese hair market. 1kg straight hair 8 inches costs $88.
  • Policy: Within two days of delivery, 5S Hair will accept exchanges and returns under certain conditions.

You should choose Vin Hair due to quality of hair

Some popular Vietnamese hair wholesale products

Hair weft, raw hair bulk, and hair extensions are the most sought-after Vietnamese hair wholesale products that can both bring prestige and high profits for hair wholesalers.

Hair weft – the most popular Vietnamese hair wholesale product

Vietnamese hair weft is one of the most popular wholesale Vietnamese hair products that stands out among numerous types of hair weft from other countries around the world.


Hair weft from Vin Hair

  • The hair strands are sewn into a fine fabric to create raw Vietnamese hair weft, which is typically attached or stitched onto actual hair.
  • Vietnamese hair weft is not chemically treated, so it retains the outstanding features of Vietnamese hair such as beautiful texture and healthy cuticles. Moreover, because the hair was crafted by skilled artisans, it’s sturdy, extremely solid, and all hair strands do not easily fall out.
  • Wholesalers from Africa really love this Vietnamese hair wholesale product due to its affordability and convenience. These clients’ hair is frequently short, therefore they require solutions that both extend and add volume; hence, hair wefts are more appropriate than extensions. African customers frequently use hair wefts with a frontal or closure instead of purchasing expensive wigs.

Vietnamese hair wefts are the highest demanded Vietnam hair wholesale product thanks to their affordability and practicality. Don’t miss this product if you are looking for a high-quality wholesale product that brings huge benefits.


Hair weft – the most popular Vietnam hair wholesale product

Raw hair bulk – Another popular Vietnamese hair wholesale product

Vietnamese raw bulk hair is quite popular on the worldwide market due to its great quality and the benefits it affords hair wholesalers.

  • Raw bulk hair is high-quality Vietnamese human hair bundled into bundles. The hair is just collected, sorted, washed and bundled into bundles without going through any other processing stages or treatments.

Vietnamese hair bulk

  • Vietnamese raw bulk from raw Vietnamese hair vendor hair retains all outstanding characteristics of natural Vietnamese hair like soft, silky, strong and durable hair because it has not been treated. It is the purest and most natural Vietnamese wholesale hair product.
  • This Vietnamese hair wholesale product is very popular in the world market, especially in American and European markets because customers there prefer original hair of high quality so that they can color and style it as they desire without worrying about damaging the hair.

Raw bulk hair Vietnam may be your greatest selection if you’re looking for high quality unprocessed hair in the worldwide hair market.

Hair extensions – top the most sought-after Vietnamese hair wholesale products

Vietnamese hair extensions like tape-ins, clip-ins and tip-ins hair attract close attention from hair wholesalers all over the world, especially European and Russian wholesalers.

  • Vietnamese tape-ins, tip-ins, and clip-ins hair are very easy to use and convenient products that just need to be attached or clipped onto real hair. Since these hair types require more complicated and long-time processing, they are often more expensive than the hair types mentioned above.

You can choose different types of hair from Vin Hair


  • These Vietnamese hair extensions products are made from high-quality raw materials and are meticulously processed, so when attached to real hair it adheres very firmly, the hair does not fall out easily.
  • Vietnamese hair extensions help to thicken hair, so it is very popular in the European market and the Russian market because customers in these markets need a product to thicken their thin hair.

If you are looking for a source of wholesale products for the high-end market, Vietnamese hair extensions wholesale can suit your requirements.


Hair extensions – top the most sought-after Vietnamese hair wholesale products

Process of purchasing Vietnamese hair wholesale

There are many steps when importing wholesale Vietnamese hair, but the most important steps are to find a reputable supplier, place an order and make payment. The steps to buy wholesale Vietnamese hair are listed below in turn.

  • Choosing a reliable Vietnamese hair wholesaler: You can find reputable suppliers through recommendations, trade fairs or online searches. For online search, reputable factories will have professional websites with verifiable addresses, specific contact methods, actual product photos and videos, clear policies and always willing to make video calls to introduce products, etc.
  • Make a list of items you are in need and send to the suppliers for a quotation.
  • Confirming invoice: After you decide to buy, the suppliers will write an invoice which includes total due, shipping, and other fees for you to confirm.
  • Making deposit: Vietnamese hair suppliers will require a deposit about 50-70% of the total due before producing the order.

List sample orders from Vin Hair factory

  • Producing: After receiving your deposit, Vietnamese hair wholesale manufacturers will start producing. The leading time is about 5-10 days depending on the quantity.
  • Shipping: after finishing producing, the supplier will make a video call so that you can check your items and will ship the hair to the carriers when you are totally satisfied and after you make full payment.
  • Receiving and checking orders: after receiving the hair from the carrier, you should record a video of the unpackaging procedure in case there is a complaint later.


In general, all the steps of buying Vietnamese wholesale hair are easy and simple. Vietnamese hair suppliers will give you specific instructions when you buy from them.

Some tips to get the best Vietnamese hair wholesale price

Below are some suggestions for getting a good deal when purchasing wholesale Vietnamese hair: contacting multiple sales in the same supplier, asking for a discount for the first order and promising to return with more orders in the future.

  • Contacting multiple sales from the same Vietnamese hair wholesaler: Different sales in the same supplier may offer you different prices or have special discounts for you, so you can choose the best price offered.

  • Suggest discount for the first order: Since this is your first wholesale purchase, suggest the supplier to give you a discount as a trial order. Maybe many Vietnamese hair suppliers will be ready for this.
  • Promise to return with more wholesale orders in the future if you get a good price and guaranteed hair quality.

If you follow these suggestions, you will definitely obtain the best bargain when purchasing Vietnam hair wholesale.

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