Vietnamese hair suppliers are the greatest places to buy hair

For those who are looking for sources of affordable and premium hair, Vietnamese hair suppliers can be the best choices. Vietnam hair suppliers, besides the Chinese ones, are the greatest hair suppliers in the world. Top 5 best Vietnam hair suppliers will be revealed below.

Vietnamese hair suppliers are among the greatest places to buy hair

Vietnam hair suppliers are considered the greatest places to buy hair because they supply high-quality and affordable hair and customers can minimize risk when buying from them.

Vietnamese hair suppliers provide high-quality hair

Vietnam hair suppliers provide hair with a transparent origin, versatility, beautiful texture, and long lifespan.

  • The hair from hair suppliers in Vietnam is of transparent origin: raw hair materials used by Vietnamese hair suppliers are sourced directly from Vietnamese women. The hair is 100% Vietnamese human hair, no blended, no mixed synthetic hair. Therefore, customers do not need to worry about the hair origin when buying from Vietnam hair suppliers.
  • Hair suppliers in Vietnam provide hair with a beautiful texture: the hair has not gone through any heat or chemical treatment so it retains the gorgeous texture of Vietnamese hair which is silky, soft, and shiny. The mild climate in Vietnam, natural human characteristics, and hair care routine with natural ingredients of Vietnamese people contribute to this stunning texture.
  • Hair supplied by Vietnamese hair suppliers has versatility: the hair can be created into numerous hairstyles and dyed in various colors. Customers can both create deep curly hair and dye the hair in 613 color at the same time and the hair does not shed or tangle.
  • Hair products from Vietnam hair suppliers have a long life span: Vietnamese hair has healthy and aligned cuticles so Vietnamese hair products usually last up to 5 years with proper maintenance.

Hair suppliers in Vietnam are among the best choices if you are looking for beautiful and high quality hair.


Vietnamese hair suppliers provide hair of high quality

Vietnamese hair suppliers offer affordable prices

Vietnam hair suppliers can offer affordable pricing thanks to the plentiful source of raw materials and cheap labor cost. The wholesale price of Vietnamese straight hair – natural color – is only $80 per 1kg. This is not the cheapest price in the world hair market but the quality is worth it so it is considered affordable pricing. At the same price, the quality of hair supplied by Vietnamese hair suppliers is higher than that from hair suppliers from other countries.

Buying from Vietnamese hair suppliers is low-risk and convenient

Buying from Vietnam hair suppliers is convenient thanks to the fact that hair suppliers in Vietnam are among the biggest and earliest hair suppliers in the world and have long experience in the hair industry. Many suppliers have their own lines of shipping to many countries around the world.

Buying from Vietnamese hair suppliers is low risk because Vietnam is a country with a stable economic and political situation, so customers do not need to worry about the risk of goods being lost or being held by the customs.

Types of Vietnamese hair suppliers

Based on manufacturing capability, Vietnam hair suppliers are divided into 2 types: hair factories and commercial businesses. Each sort of Vietnamese hair supplier provides customers with distinct advantages and disadvantages. Commercial businesses give higher customer service, whereas commercial businesses offer better quality and pricing.

Vietnamese hair suppliers who are real hair factories

The real hair factories have their own plant equipped with machinery, and employees to manufacture hair themselves. They buy the raw materials, produce the products, and then distribute hair to distributors, resellers and wholesalers.

Benefits of purchasing from manufacturing hair suppliers in Vietnam: Purchasing directly from manufacturing Vietnamese hair suppliers results in more consistent quality of hair, cheaper costs, and a shorter delivery period.

  • Considering there are no middlemen involved in the producing and distribution process, buying hair directly from real hair factories results in reduced wholesale pricing.
  • Moreover, because they stock a large supply of raw hair materials, hair manufacturers can quickly fulfill wholesale orders.

Regarding quality and pricing, manufacturing Vietnam hair suppliers have numerous advantages, but their main function is production, so customer service does not get much attention.

Vietnamese hair suppliers who are commercial companies

Commercial hair companies are businesses that purchase hair from producers and subsequently distribute it. They function as middlemen between producers and customers.

Benefits of buying hair through commercial businesses: In contrast, getting hair via intermediaries is more expensive due to the fact that they are middlemen. Hair quality will be inconsistent due to the fact that they need to acquire hair from numerous sources. Nonetheless, more professional service is the advantage of commercial Vietnamese hair suppliers.

Each type of Vietnamese hair supplier will meet your particular requirements. A real hair factory is the greatest option for purchasing wholesale hair, whereas a commercial hair company is more suitable for those who buy retail hair.

Some sought-after hair products supplied by Vietnamese hair suppliers

Hair suppliers in Vietnam concentrate mostly on three products: hair bulk, hair extensions and weft hair.

Bulk hair – top 1 most popular goods of Vietnamese hair suppliers

This hair kind is extremely popular on the worldwide hair market due to its superior quality and affordable price.

  • Bulk hair supplied by Vietnam hair suppliers is unprocessed hair that is simply sorted, cleaned, and bundled, with no additional treatments.
  • Because it hasn’t been subjected to chemicals or heat, Vietnamese bulk hair has all the desirable qualities of natural Vietnam hair, including softness, fluffiness, and durability.
  • This commodity sold by Vietnamese hair suppliers is highly popular worldwide, notably in the United States and Europe, where customers choose high-quality, unprocessed hair that they may style or dye as whatever they want.

If you’re interested in getting excellent pure and unprocessed hair on the international hair market, hair suppliers in Vietnam may be the ideal option for you.


Bulk hair from Vietnamese hair suppliers

Weft hair – another popular item sold by Vietnamese hair suppliers

Weft hair is among the most in-demand products among Vietnam hair suppliers due to their practicality and affordability.

  • The weft hair strands are connected to a fabric strip. Consumers are drawn to weft hair due to the fact that it is suitable for correcting limp, low-density curls.
  • Weft hair products sold by Vietnamese hair suppliers are made from 100% Vietnam remy hair and have not been chemically processed, so it retains the exceptional qualities of Vietnamese hair, including its lovely texture and robust cuticles. In addition, the hair is robust, extraordinarily substantial, shedding-free, and tangle-free because it is made by professionals.
  • In Africa, weft hair sold by Vietnamese hair suppliers is incredibly popular. Because the hair of African people is typically thin and short, weft hair is frequently used to provide thickness and volume.

Hair weft is the most sought-after product offered by hair suppliers in Vietnam due to its affordability and practicality. Don’t neglect this type of hair if you’re searching for a wholesale hair product that enhances the economic effectiveness of your business.

Hair extensions – top the popular products sold by Vietnamese hair suppliers

Hair extensions like tape-ins, tip-ins, and clip-ins attract the interest of hair wholesalers around the world, particularly those from Europe and Russia.

  • Vietnamese hair extensions are extremely user-friendly and require only clipping or insertion into the real hair. Because these items require more complex and time-consuming processing, they are typically more expensive than the previously stated hair varieties.
  • These Vietnamese hair products stick firmly and do not easily shed when being attached to real hair. Vietnamese hair has been properly processed to create them.
  • European buyers are drawn to the functionality of the hair extensions given by Vietnamese hair suppliers. Because their hair is long and thin, they need hair products that help their hair to be thicker and more buoyant.

If you seek a hair seller with hair extensions of superior quality, a Vietnamese hair supplier can meet your needs.

Guidelines for locating credible Vietnamese hair suppliers

Traditional and contemporary methods for locating reliable hair Vietnam hair suppliers are outlined below.

Find reliable Vietnamese hair suppliers using conventional methods

Respectable Vietnamese hair suppliers might be found at trade fairs or at seminars. Alternatively, you can locate respectable hair businesses using a search engine, via the Vietnamese Ministry of Industry and Trade, or recommendations from friends, relatives, or business partners.

Find reputable Vietnamese hair suppliers on the Internet

You may construct a list of Vietnam hair suppliers online and identify reputable ones by analyzing their addresses, online presence, websites, products, and policies, etc. in great detail.

  • Check the addresses of Vietnamese hair suppliers: credible hair suppliers in Vietnam should have a real address that is verifiable on Google Maps.
  • Examine carefully the videos and photos of the hair; only trust Vietnam hair suppliers that have actual photographs and videos of their items. Be wary of people whose photos are implausibly beautiful or flawless, as they may be con scammers.
  • Check the Vietnamese hair suppliers’ websites: a professional website is a criterion for trustworthy hair suppliers in Vietnam publishing information about contact information, business, products, and policies, etc.
  • Examine the many Vietnam hair suppliers’ online presences; choose those that have several online presences, like Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook via which customers can connect with them, as unreliable hair suppliers might block you immediately after payment.
  • Analyze the pricing supplied by Vietnamese hair suppliers: You need to research the current average price of hair on the market. Avoid suppliers offering prices that are overly low compared to the average because quality and price often go hand in hand.
  • Arrange a video call with Vietnam hair suppliers: Choose the hair suppliers in Vietnam that are always eager to respond to your inquiries and provide a video demonstration of their products.
  • Verify their return policy; respectable Vietnamese hair suppliers will accept refunds and exchanges.

With the above tips, you may select a reliable Vietnam hair supplier who meets all of your needs.

Top five Vietnamese hair suppliers recommended for purchasing premium hair

The following are the leading Vietnam hair suppliers for your consideration:

Vin Hair Factory – top 1 best Vietnamese hair suppliers

Vin Hair Factory is one of the leading Vietnamese hair suppliers, and its exceptional quality attracts customers worldwide. It is ideal for those who wish to find a hair wholesaler but don’t have enough time to complete the necessary research.

  • Vin Hair Factory is an ideal place for those who are concerned about how to buy hair from Vietnam. Vin Hair Fcatory owns a large facility with the necessary machinery, equipment, and human force to make and sell hair worldwide. Vin Hair Factory’s hair products are created entirely from human hair in Vietnam and contain no blended or synthetic hair.
  • Main products: Vin Hair Factory offers bulk hair, weft hair, closures & frontals, and hair extensions from 100% Vietnamese human hair in an assortment of lengths, colors, and textures.
  • Pricing: 1 kg of straight hair, natural color, 8 inches costs $88, which is really competitive in the world hair market.
  • Policy: Within 30 days of delivery, Vin hair Factory accepts returns and exchanges for defective products.

Vin Hair Factory is the ideal option for customers are concerned about how to buy hair from Vietnam and seeking the best Vietnamese hair suppliers.

Mic Hair – top 2 greatest Vietnamese hair suppliers

Since its inception, Mic Hair has been one of the major Vietnam hair suppliers in the global hair market.

  • Closures and frontals, hair weft, and hair extensions in a variety of colors, textures, and lengths are the supplier’s principal products.
  • The price for straight hair begins at $77 per kg, which is significantly lower than that of other Vietnamese hair suppliers.
  • Policy: returns and exchanges are accepted.

Mic Hair is the best option if you want to purchase Vietnamese hair from reputable Hanoi hair suppliers in Vietnam.

AZ Hair – top 3 the leading Vietnamese hair suppliers

Since its establishment over 10 years ago, AZ Hair has established itself as among the most prominent Vietnamese hair suppliers.

  • The principal products include bulk hair, hair weft, closures and frontals, and wigs.
  • Price: At $98 per kilogram of straight hair, natural color, 8 inches, pricing is fairly pricey.
  • Policy: return and exchange are accepted within seven days after delivery, subject to specific restrictions.

Premium hair extensions may be purchased at Az Hair – one of the best Vietnamese hair suppliers.

Layla Hair – top 4 best Vietnamese hair suppliers

Layla Hair is among the best Vietnamese hair suppliers for those who are newbies to the world hair industry.

  • Main products: Hair weft, bulk hair, closures and frontals from Vietnamese Remy Hair.
  • Price: a little expensive. 1 kg of straight hair begins at $129.
  • Policy: exchanges and returns are permitted under certain conditions.

Cy Hair – top 5 best Vietnamese hair suppliers

Cy Hair was founded a decade ago and since then has become among the most prominent Vietnamese hair suppliers.

  • They offer hair in a variety of textures and lengths.
  • The pricing is reasonable, starting at $93 per kg of straight hair, natural color.
  • Cy Hair is a wonderful option if you are concerned about finding an affordable hair seller that provides superior hair.

Regarding the above-mentioned suggestions, you can choose the most suitable one for yourself.

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