Burmese Curly Hair Weft CW6

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Hair origin High-quality raw Vietnamese hair
Lengths 8-38 inches available
Textures Burmese curly
Colors Black, blonde, burgundy, ombre, orange, pink, green,...
Weight 100 gram/1 bundle
Life-span Up to 5 years
Closure and frontal size 2x4, 2x6, 4x4, 3x8, 5x5, 6x6, 13x4, 13x6
Payment Through agent, Western Union, Visa/MasterCard, Bank Transfer, Onepay, MoneyGram, RIA/Remitly
Shipment Through agent, FedEx, DHL and UPS
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1. Description of the Vin Hair Factory Burmese curly hair weft CW6

Below is the basic information about Burmese curly hair weft CW6 of Vin Hair Factory:

1.1. What is Burmese curly hair weft CW6

Our superior Burmese curly hair weft CW6  is an ideal choice for people seeking a more trendy and elegant appearance.
Depending on the extent of the curl pattern, this type of hair has curls that range from tight, bouncy ringlets to gentle, loose waves.

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1.2. Characteristics of Burmese curly hair weft CW6

Our Burmese curly hair weft CW6 is renowned for its adaptability and luxurious texture. Here are some of the characteristics that make Burmese curly hair weft CW6 from Vin Hair Factory so popular.

  • Clear hair origin: 100% hair taken directly from Vietnamese women, no blended and no mixed.
  • Many color options, including light hues such as #613, #60…
  • These Burmese curly hair weft CW6 are available in lengths ranging from eight inches to thirty-eight inches, giving you plenty of options no matter what style you’re aiming for!
  • Sturdy and symmetrical cuticles.
  • Lightweight and Relaxed: Good quality Burmese curly hair weft CW6 from Vin Hair Factory are lightweight, keeping your head cool and maximizing your comfort during the summer. This makes it extremely soft on the scalp, making it one of the most comfortable daily styles.
  • Quality and durability lasting up to five years: With careful maintenance, the hair can last up to five years before it must be changed or polished.
  • Curls that appear natural without the use of heated styling tools: Burmese curly hair weft CW6 produces natural-looking, bouncy curls without chemicals or heat treatment equipment.
  • Reasonable price: The cost of Vin Hair Factory Burmese curly hair weft CW6 is highly competitive on the hair market.

Burmese curly hair CW6 of Vin Hair Factory

2. Positive aspects of utilizing Vin Hair Factory Burmese curly hair weft CW6

There are several advantages to using Burmese curly hair weft CW6:

  • First, because this type of hair is inherently very light, it adds volume to your current hairdo without making you feel uncomfortable or weighing you down. In addition, you need not worry about the added bulk that comes with wearing heavier extensions. This makes it suitable for everyday use and formal events like weddings and celebrations.
  • Another significant advantage of using Burmese curly hair weft CW6 is that its texture tends to retain curls better than other weaving materials. If you’re looking for a style with a natural-looking wave, this could be a good option, since its locks will retain their shape even after several stylings using curling equipment such as wands and tongs.
  • Even the Burmese curly hair weft CW6 can be more expensive than other weaves supplied by wholesale hair factory on the market today – especially if purchased directly from Vietnam – there are some long-term benefits that make up for the increased price, including:
    • Minimal upkeep is required throughout the service.
    • Less split ends result in hair that seems healthier.
    • Fewer tangles
    • Improved color uniformity
    • Longer lasting quality overall, making them far more cost-effective in the long term compared to frequently replacing inferior products every month!

Burmese curly hair CW6 has a beautiful texture

3. How to maintain Burmese curly hair weft CW6

For long-lasting results when caring for your Burmese curly hair weft CW6, please be gentle throughout the detangling process to avoid flyaways produced by overhandling the fibers after each wash!

When detangling, gently remove tangles using only fingertips: It’s usually best not to brush the weave dry, but rather use your fingers to progressively separate out tangled regions until they’re gone, as doing so can result in a dry/rough texture and lessen the soft feel that should have been present beforehand.

Lightly dilute shampoo and conditioner before applying to hair: Additionally, try diluting shampoo (with some water first) and applying suds evenly throughout the length, if feasible beginning at the roots and working down to the ends.

Follow up with a conditioning treatment for High-Quality Burmese curly hair weft CW6 if desired; similarly, providing a little more moisture may be beneficial regardless of the selected method.

In general, keep in mind that less is more in these situations; there is no need to agitate wet hair excessively in order to preserve its health, given the nature of the product being addressed today.


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