Vietnamese Curly Weft Hair CW1

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Hair origin High-quality raw Vietnamese hair
Lengths 8-38 inches available
Textures Deep curly, jerry curly, bouncy curls, kinky curly, pixie curly, yaki curly,...
Colors Black, blonde, burgundy, ombre, orange, pink, green,...
Weight 100 gram/1 bundle
Life-span Up to 5 years
Closure and frontal size 2x4, 2x6, 4x4, 3x8, 5x5, 6x6, 13x4, 13x6
Payment Through agent, Western Union, Visa/MasterCard, Bank Transfer, Onepay, MoneyGram, RIA/Remitly
Shipment Through agent, FedEx, DHL and UPS
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1. Overview of Vin Hair Factory Vietnamese Curly Weft Hair CW1

Below is something you need to know about Vietnamese Curly Weft Hair CW1 of Vin Hair Factory.

1.1. What Is Vietnamese Curly Weft Hair CW1

Vietnamese curly weft hair CW1 is a type of human hair extension used to achieve natural-looking, voluminous styles. It features beautiful curls and waves in different lengths and textures that enhance your look.

The main difference between regular straight weave and the curly version lies in the texture: curl patterns are formed through steam-treating strands of pure, unaltered 100% Remy human hairs at high temperatures from 180°C/356F – 280°C/536F.


Vietnamese curly weft hair CW1 – Water curly

1.2. Some features of Vietnamese Curly Weft Hair CW1

Below is some information about our Vietnamese Curly Weft Hair CW1

  • Hair origin: 100% high-quality raw Vietnamese human hair taken directly from donors
  • Grades: single-drawn, double drawn, and super double drawn
  • Lengths: 8 inches – 38 inches
  • Textures: Vietnamese Curly Weft Hair CW1 is supplied in numerous textures like loose curly, kinky curly, pixie curly, yaki curly, jerry curly, deep curly,…
  • Colors: numerous colors are available, even the lightest tones #613
  • Cuticles: Cuticles aligned strands. All cuticles run in the same direction which reduces tangling and matting as well as prevents heat damage when styling Vietnamese Curly Weft Hair CW1 with hot tools such as curling irons and flat irons or bleaching and dying.
  • Long-lasting curls: Since the strands are already coiled they will keep their shape much longer than other wavy styles after shampooing so your curls won’t go limp right away!
  • Strategically sewn bundle structure: Vietnamese curly hair weft come strategically sewn together to create uniformity throughout yet remain natural looking because each bundle is created using multiple donors’ tresses instead of just one donor’s strands giving them an even fuller appearance overall while still having bounced.

Above are all the things about our Vietnamese Curly Weft Hair CW1 so that you will be well-educated about this product to consider buying it.

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2. Benefits Of Using Vin Hair Factory Vietnamese Curly Weft Hair CW1

Using our Vietnamese curly weft hair CW1 provides many benefits.

  • Long-lasting beauty regardless of use daily: This type of hair is extremely diverse and can be used to create a variety of hairstyles. This makes it very versatile and easy to use for everyday wear or more formal occasions such as weddings or proms.
  • Vietnamese curly weft hair CW1 also gives the wearer more volume than other types of synthetic extensions, making it ideal for those wanting fuller locks without having the hassle of using multiple bundles at once.
  • Additionally, because each individual strand is thicker than regular human hairs, our Vietnamese curly weft hair CW1 provides extra body which will last longer in your chosen look after being properly fixed in place by a stylist that specializes in hand-tied techniques on wigs & bundles/wefts/hair extensions installation process techniques.
  • Finally, another major benefit of using Vietnamese Curly Weft Hair CW1 is the fact that this type of Vietnamese hair extensions does not require much maintenance once installed correctly by experienced professionals due to its strong structure and ability to withstand prolonged wearing periods without needing brushings upkeep sessions between usage long intervals!
  • Affordable pricing: You will get high quality curly hair weft when buying from Vin Hair Factory. We are proud ourselves in offering the most competitive price in the hair market.

The price of Vin Hair Factory Vietnamese Curly Weft Hair CW1 – Big curly


The price of Vin Hair Factory Vietnamese Curly Weft Hair CW1 – Small curly

3. Tips For Taking Care Of Your Vietnamese Curly Weft Hair CW1

Taking care of your Vietnamese curly weft hair CW1 is an important part of enjoying the beauty and longevity of this amazing style.
To ensure that you get the most out of your investment, here are a few tips:

  • Using good quality products: Firstly, use good quality products. This means avoiding anything with harsh chemicals or artificial fragrances which can damage or dry out the curls. When choosing shampoo and conditioner, opt for sulfate-free options with natural ingredients such as oils, aloe vera, and shea butter to nourish each strand from root to tip. Additionally, using styling tools sparingly helps preserve its delicate texture.
  • Practicing proper maintenance habits: Practice proper maintenance habits by avoiding sleeping on it when wet and using protectant sprays before blow drying or flat ironing will keep tangles at bay, helping maintain shine, body, and softness over time.
  • Brushing Vietnamese Curly Weft Hair CW1 of Vin Hair Factory – The Best Choice For Your Hair Business through gently once a week helps distribute any product build up along the scalp, thus promoting healthier growth while also reducing breakage throughout entire lengths, adding an extra layer of protection against damaging elements such as windy weather.
  • Giving yourself regular deep conditioning treatments every two weeks provide additional needed moisture, keeping strands hydrated and healthy, providing great looking styles all year long, even in extreme climates!

Follow these above tips if you want your hair last as long as possible!


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